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FFG: Runewars Gets ‘Obscenes’ Unit Expansion

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Oct 2 2018

Terrinorth goes to war and the Uthuk Y’llan have a new heavy hitting unit taking the field. Meet the Obscenes for Runeswars!

When the Uthuk Y’llan received the demon power of the Ynfernal, there were a some who hungered for even more. Those who accepted the power with a voracious appetite were fed but the Ynfernal are not without a sense of dark humor. In order to access their new found powers, there were those who had to feed. Constantly. They became swollen with not only power, but also in size and bulk. These cursed tribesmen became the Obscenes.

via Fantasy Flight Games

After their first binge on the power of the Ynfernael, the Obscenes were filled with an insatiable emptiness. They proceeded to ravage the land, feeding endlessly until their bodies became huge and bloated. It would seem difficult for the Obscenes to charge into battle, but their hunger motivates them to monstrous feats.

These Obscenes are deceptively fast on the battlefield. Motivated by hunger and the need to feed, they can rush around and cover some surprisingly long distances with their movement dial:

The command tool side of the dials has that additional march Icon as well – if the runes land in your favor, they can really cover some ground! These demonicly powered monstrosities are a horrifying sight to behold as well. They are so terrifying, they can make an enemy unit to disengage with them with a forced shift action:


If you get your timing right, you just might be able to attack a unit and then make them shift away – and then follow-up on the next round with another charge from these brutal monsters.

Fantasy Flight Games also teased a few more upgrade options for these beastly wrecking balls. These upgrades can allow you to play them in a few different ways.

The Obscenes can regenerate health, tap into blight tokens, or cause enemies to receive them. Depending on how you choose to embrace the darkness, Obscenes can tank damage and disrupt the enemies plans like no other!


Obscenes Unit Expansion $34.95

Surrender to the power of the Ynfernael with the Obscenes Unit Expansion for Runewars Miniatures Game! These twisted, warped warriors shed their frail selves in exchange for the toughened skins split with spikes, gorging on the power of the Ynfernael. When the grotesquely swollen brutes march into battle, the very ground shakes with their approach. Weilding massive clubs along with the momentum of their bulk and hounded by an incredible taste for flesh, they shall feast on the enemies of the Uthuk until nothing living remains!

The Obscenes Unit Expansion includes two new unpainted figurines, two command tools, a collection of tokens, and eight upgrade cards to further customize your demonic army.


Obscenes are up for Pre-Order now!

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