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New Bits From Maxmini Bring Elite Orc Heads To Your Boyz

Oct 21 2018

There are some familiar looking green faces out this week from Maxmini. Come take a look at some famous orcs with bad teeth.

Five new faces for five special orc boys in your army. Maxmini is really knocking it out of the park with their Orc bits–and today we have a look at five special boyz, sort of loose interpretations of popular culture. So if you’d like Orknod Schwarzenegger or Orkvester Stallone, this is the perfect time to get in on the action. Check them out.

via Maxmini

Orc Bro Heads – $8.57

These are da best of da bestest orcs eva! Special operation ladz, brutal and cunnin, but mostly brutal… and cunnin! They ave big dakka and big bomma and they need no support. Always first to pick da propa fight, no puny humie or can defeat ‘em! No onez can defeat ‘em!!!

Orkminator – Hasta la vista, humie.

B.A. Barorkus – He pities da fool!

Koordel Orker – How many push-ups can he do? All of themz.


Rambork – He didn’t drew da first blud. Humies did.

Kludge Zgredd – He is da WAAGH!!!

Theze head swaps are only for da biggest orcs, not for da weak boyz. But you already know that

Happy customizing!

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