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40K: The Best General Podcast, Marginal Gains

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Oct 19 2018

‘Ere we go! In Episode 44, as Warzone Atlanta draws nearer and nearer, Adam discusses marginal gains from a physical, nutritional, and…economics.

What we discuss in this episode, with Horton and with Erik are marginal gains. This is a familiar finance term that was re-branded as a performance metric by Sir David Brailsford, the head of British Cycling and an MBA recipient. Sir Brailsford’s theory was that if you improve each element that goes into winning a X then we can achieve a significant aggregated increase in output. Output in this metrics is performance. This is breaks down to being 1% better at deployment, target priority, movement and board presence, etc. But I also believe marginal gains can be found from being physically, and nutritionally prepares as we discussed with Horton. Just as we make smart decisions about the best things we input into our bodies, for the most efficient and effective output of it – I need to be prepared to bring the list that is going to give me the best chance at success.

I hope you enjoy the show! If you have any ideas for show topics, advice, or comments – be sure to include them in the comment section below…


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