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Tabletop Spotlight: Icons Of The Realms – Spell Effects

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Oct 30 2018

Today on Tabletop Spotlight, we take a look at a new batch of magical spells and effects miniatures brought to you by WizKids’ Icons of the Realms. Come see how you can add magic to your tabletop.

Icons of the Realms is WizKids’s gorgeous pre-painted miniatures line. You might have previously seen some of their beautiful looking miniatures that don’t shy away from spell/game effects–seriously having a stealth-mode miniature is perfect–and now they’re bringing you some incredible new spells to bring to your table.

I keep talking about how beautiful these are–but they capture the magic of these spells so well. These models are full of unexpected detail that really give life to the spells. Let’s take a look at the Phantom Steed¬†which conjures up an ethereal horse from nothing.

You get a sense of both the motion and the magic–the vortices of swirling, fluid mist sweep across the hooves. Or look at the many Bigby’s Hands available…

Or my other favorite, the Floating Disc and Spiritual Weapons (complete with spiritual arm).


And all that’s not even mentioning the gorgeous new wall effects that come in the Wall of Ice and Wall of Fire packs. I love how these work–they’re segmented walls that come in 1×2 sections (so if you’re playing on a grid 5’x10′ lines) which you can then use to assemble your wall the way you want to. It’s something that the Wall spells let creative players do well, just section off portions of the battlefield, so your party can focus down the threat in front of them.

Whether a damaging wall, or just a massive physical barrier, these spells are amazing battlefield control. And having miniatures that you can stack–vertical or horizontally to represent where it is, adds that much more detail to the table.

So if you’re tired of using just plain tokens or a random die to represent your spiritual weapon, and want to have some walls when you cast your walls–the Icons of the Realm have got you covered.

Happy Adventuring!


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