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Warhammer Underworlds: Zabag’s Gitz Get The Spotlight

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Oct 3 2018

The first warband with NINE(!) members is heading to Warhammer Underworlds. These Moonclan Grots mean serious business – and they got the Squigs to prove it!

When we got the big tease from Games Workshop showing off all the new and incoming warbands, Zarbag’s Gitz were at the top of the list! Today, were are getting a closer look at these greenskins to see what crazy antics they are bringing to the tabletop. They are currently the largest warband in terms of number of models – how will they use their numerical advantage? Let’s dig in to find out!

via Warhammer Community

One of the big questions I had was how would it even be possible to move all of these Goblins in the game? You only get 4 activations per turn, so what’s the point of having that many models? Well it turns out Games Workshop thought of that, too:

Usually, with nine fighters, you’d need three turns to just move them all, but as you can see, Zarbag and his grots have a rule called Scurry that lets them keep pace with each other. Keep your grots in a chain and, with some smart play, you’ll be able to move them ALL in a single activation, allowing you to capture objectives and set up deadly attacks in a single fell swoop.

“Scurry – Reaction: After a friendly fighter other than a Squig makes a Move action, if that move began in an adjacent hex, this fighter makes a Move action. They cannot do this if they have any Move of Charge tokens.”

Well that will certainly help the little guys keep up! Now let’s take a look at each of the members of this warband.


Zarbag, Moonclan Shaman – Leader of the warband

Zarbag is one of the most fragile Leaders in the game, but he’s a great Wizard and a surprisingly potent fighter when Inspired – be sure to keep him safely behind the rest of his Warband before leaping out to finish wounded enemy fighters.

A Level 2 Wizard is no joke – he’s going to be slinging spells with the best of them! His inspired condition isn’t too difficult to flip either. The added speed is going to be helpful when you can trigger Scurry!

Snirk Sourtoungue, Fanatic At Large

Wow – that inspired side has a BLOCK of text. But you know what, it’s a very fanatical way to do things…It also doesn’t take much to get Snirk inspired. I really hope you know how the new Scatter mechanic works – you’re going to need it.

Drizgit, Squig Herder Extraordinaire

This Gobbo is wearing armor and for a good reason – he’s the one that feeds the squigs! He’s got a special action to help get those Squigs into the fray as well – this army really does have some fantastic action economy. Just don’t expect them to take a ton of hits and walk away. At least Drizgit packs a decent punch.


Gobbaluk and Bonekrakka, Squig – aka Angry Balls of Teeth


Squigs aren’t the toughest models on the tabletop, but they pack a punch. Plus, with them around, your opponent may want to reconsider KO’ing Drizgit. These two Squigs will be the ones that will drop the hammer on your opponent – at least if they get close to them…

Da Grots – Expendabros

They are Grots. Pretty weak solo, but they can gang-up on a target and become not terrible. Really, they are going to be the ones you send in to speedbump and hold objectives. But if you DO manage to use one of them to take out an enemy model, you should definitely point and laugh at your opponent. (I’m just kidding – but seriously, getting KO’d by a Grot…ouch.)

They are packing range 3 attacks at least – pepper your enemy at range and you might just be able to sneak away to the next fight.

Da Cards

Playing Zarbag’s Gitz requires a bit of kunnin’ but, with a little finesse, they’re an incredibly rewarding warband to use. To take advantage of their unique movement and activation rules, you’ll want to deploy each model as close to each other as possible, arranging your fighters in chains to make the most of Scurry. Having lots of Fighters almost means having lots of support – with two mates in support, you’ll double both your defensive and offensive capabilities for most fighters.

Keep your grots together, pile on the attacks, and use your sneaky skills if you want to be successful with Zarbag’s Gitz!



You gotta poke’em first and then not get poked back!

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