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Mynock Open – X-Wing Champion Squadrons

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Nov 7 2018

The Mynock Open was this last weekend. Take a look at the top 4 squadrons in the all new X-Wing.

Here’s a look at the top four players who fought their way to the top of the 160 player tournament. ┬áIt was the biggest west coast X-Wing tourney ever, and also biggest unofficial X-Wing tourney ever.

Mynock Open Player Data


WINNER: Garrett Jost

200 points
Boba Fett: IG-88D, Han Solo, Marauder
Palob: 0-0-0, Moldy Crow
Jakku Gunrunner
Jakku Gunrunner

FINALIST: Ben Rampley

196 points
4-LOM: 0-0-0, Advanced Sensors, Mist Hunter
Palob: Lando Calrissian, Moldy Crow
Guri: Outmaneuver, Advanced Sensors


185 points
Whisper: Juke, Darth Vader
Redline: Trajectory Simulator, Proton Torpedoes, Proton Bombs
Soontir Fel: Predator

SEMI-FINALIST: Brandon Griffith

200 points
Lando Calrissian (Escape Craft): Marksmanship, Tactical Officer
Boba Fett: Debris Gambit, 0-0-0, Han Solo, Proton Bombs, Deadman’s Switch, Shield Upgrade, Marauder
Kavil: Trick Shot, Dorsal Turret, Proton Torpedoes, Genius, BT-1, Seismic Charges, Deadman’s Switch, Hull Upgrade

~Congrats to all the top players and to Mynock for pulling off a great event. What do you think of the lists folks?


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