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40K: Blackstone Fortress Info Is Coming – Plus Holiday Gifts

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Nov 2 2018

Or: The Photato Strikes Back–GW has just fired shots against some leaked images of their Holiday Gift Guide, as well as teasing “awesome pics of all that Blackstone goodness soon.”

Earlier today a series of images of the GW Holiday Gift Guide started circulating through the internet, courtesy of Imgur (with a shout out to Dani Georges, apparently), including a look at the Blackstone Fortress game set.

GW took notice of this–and shots have been fired, with the following appearing roughly an hour or so after the images started hitting all the big message boards.

In addition to being a burn worth seeking medical attention for, it is also a promise of things to come from the Blood and Glory Grand Clash in just a few short hours. And, from the look of things–there’s a lot of minis in this set. That’s real exciting; we’re eager to see what they turn out to be. You can make out the shape of that Dark Mechanicus negavolt guy on the bottom left there–but who knows what else awaits within?

Well, I guess GW knows, and soon enough we’ll all know what else awaits within. In the meantime, if you don’t mind looking at pictures taken from a Nokia 7650, then you can find more of the holiday guide below.


You can find the whole thing through the Imgur link above–though it might not even be the entire guide. At any rate, stay tuned BoLS Fans, we’ll keep you up to date with news rolling out of the event later today–including a first look at whatever “awesome Blackstone goodness” they show off.

Until then, let us now what you think of what we’ve seen so far–and why isn’t the Photato available in the Holiday Gift Guide? Missed opportunity of the year.

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