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40K: Blackstone Fortress – The Stage Is Set For New Lore

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Nov 6 2018

Blackstone Fortress sets the stage for the next chapter in the 41st Millennium. Come catch up on where the galaxy stands before a Rogue Trader and his retinue enter…the Blackstone Fortress.

Reality is fluid in the 41st Millennium. With the Warp leaking out into realspace, things can unravel–doubly so when you can have heroes popping out of the Empyrean at another time, on top of another place. And so it is that Games Workshop has come to set the story straight regarding what exactly is going on when Blackstone Fortress begins.

There was a time when the Imperium held six Blackstone Fortresses–massive citadels that were bulwarks of the Imperium. During the 12th Black Crusade, Abaddon and the forces of Chaos–mostly the forces of Chaos–destroyed four of these fortresses, and captured two of them. Retreating with them to nurse his wounds, Abaddon returned during the 13th Black Crusade, which many of you will remember is the time that Cadia was perfectly fine and nothing at all bad happened to it.

At least according to the Imperium’s Propaganda department. But then…another of these colossal stations appears.

via Warhammer Community

The galaxy is a vast and lonely place. For every sector abuzz with life, there are countless more that are dead zones. Even as wars reach into every corner of the galaxy, great swathes still lie silent, untouched and empty.


It was in one such silent sector in the galactic west that a new Blackstone Fortress appeared. In the furthest reaches of the Segmentum Pacificus, it sits amid a graveyard of starships that stretches more than a million miles across.

The Blackstone Fortress is more than just a weapon, however, it is a cache of archeotech and artefacts from bygone ages. Relics of countless species lie abandoned in its halls – a technological treasure trove that would prove utterly irresistible for any who seek to collect, study or leverage technology in their wars.

Which is pretty much where the game begins. It’s not just that your explorers are trying to activate the secrets at the heart of the Blackstone Fortress and claim it for the Imperium. Or, y’know, themselves I suppose if they were ambitious and foolhardy–but that you’re looking for relics that can reshape the course of the Galaxy. This is a place where heroes are born, forged out of contending with the hostile forces within.

Plus the game has a secret vault envelope! WHO KNOWS WHAT’S INSIDE? At any rate, the game looks ready to set up whatever is next for 40K. So stay tuned, this one looks exciting folks. We’ll be sure to take you inside the Blackstone Fortress.


I just want more Navigators in my life.

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