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40K BREAKING: Chapter Approved 2018 Reveals From Blood And Glory

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Nov 2 2018

Hot off the internet–we’ve got a look at what GW Revealed about the upcoming Chapter Approved at the Blood and Glory mere minutes ago. Sisters of Battle are getting their Beta Coex here, come check it out.

That’s right friends. At the Blood & Glory studio preview, we had a look at what to expect in the next year from GW. On the 40K side of things, we have a look at what’s in the near future from the Chapter Approved teaser video, which comes to us in full 80s neon glory.

This one is pretty exciting–we already knew that Looted Wagons were going to be in there (along with Looted Karts and Battle Fortresses), but we get a few other big confirmations. Including the Farsight Enclaves’ magnificent seven plus one–Farsight and the Eight will apparently be available as well.

This Elite Eight are all receiving new datasheets so you can bring these legendary Fire Caste (and Earth Caste and like an artificial simulation) warriors to your Matched Play games. This is exciting–one thing the T’au are in need of is a gaggle of heavy hitters. And with a Riptide, a Broadside, and more–you can expect to see a few more Farsight Enclaves showing up to the table.

But for those of you who have been eager to see the (probable) release of the Sisters of Battle next year in all their plastic glory, your days of waiting in quiet agony have come to a middle–though the Sisters of Battle are getting a new Beta Codex in this year’s Chapter Approved.


Promising a fully fledge Codex, the Adepta Sororitas will have more new toys to play with than ever, including new stratagems, relics, and as many have been hoping to see, the Orders Militant represented. Their faction rules are Convictions held by each of their Militant Orders, and the one we have on display for you right now is downright mean.

Your Sisters will be hitting as hard as an Ork with this trait. Turn your troops into an unexpectedly killy close combat force with this–the Strength boost in particular is much appreciated, because strength 3 is just hard to make work without significant volume behind it. But the Sisters of Battle are not primarily known for being a bunch of meleeists, no, they’re far better known for how quickly they can purge a heretic with cleansing flame. And this continues to be true–the new Burning Descent stratagem lets a squad of Seraphim shoot their hand flamers out to 12″ whenever they’re set up on the battlefield from their Sky Strike ability. And that’s during the movement phase, so you can flame them so nice you may as well do it twice.

And of course you’ll find more of these in the days to come. Get ready for Chapter Approved folks.

What do you think of the new rules for the Eight? Of the teased Sisters? Does the fact that we’re seeing a Sisters Codex in any form mean 8th truly is coming to an end at last?


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