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Battlefront Teases 2019 Flames of War & Team Yankee Releases

Dec 31 2018

Come take a look ahead at what’s in store in 2019 for Battlefront including new Flames of War, Team Yankee and all the rest as we head into the dawning of the Late War.

Let’s get right to it friends, 2019 looks to be a massive year for Battlefront Games, with Late War looming just on the horizon, as well as all new TANKS, Team Yankee, and more. Come take a look:

We’re getting not just their plan for next year, but for the next four years–which makes sense, they’re tackling some of the biggest battles in the course of WWII. The Late War period is fascinating, and will take you to the shores of Normandy and beyond while adding new units and new countries and new armies from across the globe. It’s an exciting time to be a Battlefront bud–so check out their website and see what lies in store for you…

Happy gaming!

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