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40K: Custodes Dreadnought Throwdown

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Jan 30 2019

The Adeptus Custodes just got a few more dreadnoughts thanks to the Forge World Rules. Now we’re taking a look at who’s the new king of the mountain – and we need your help!

Dreadnoughts are a mixed bag in 40k right now and Forge World just added a few more to the mix courtesy of the Adeptus Custodes (download the rules HERE). With a trio of new dreads, we decided it would be fun to take a look at each one to figure out who’s the king of the Custodes Iron Sarcophagi. Let’s get started!

Venerable Contemptor Dreadnought

The old classic. Ever since they got a plastic kit (which is just the Contemptor Kit, but painted gold) these dreads have been an option. Not too flashy and relatively cheap (now just 90 points base in Chapter Approved 2018) they are really work horse units. They are also one of the few units in the army that can take on armor at range and have a good shoot at popping it. The Venerable Contemptor isn’t the biggest Dread but for the points cost you could field these in almost a 2:1 ratio or a 3:2 ratio (before weapons) compared to the others. Not too shabby!

Contemptor-Achillus Dreadnought


Clocking in at 130 points base, the chassis is virtually identical to the Venerable Contemptor Dread. What you get access to, however, is the Achillus Dreadspear which is both used for shooing AND Melee. Is that worth the extra points? Well it IS mean. And the Lastrum Storm Bolters are also an improvement. Also strange is that it’s Power Level is 8 vs the 10 even though the points cost for this dread starts at a higher floor. It’s almost like these rules are a beta version…regardless, that’s what we’re going with! So it is worth the points? You decide!

Contemptor-Galatus Dreadnought

With a base cost of 155, this one better be different, right?! Well…it’s not exactly that different either. Yes, the armament is very different – but statwise, it’s like the other contemptors. However, the Galatus is very clearly meant as a front-line assault unit. With the Galatus Warblade’s short range “flamer” like attack and the Melee ability, it’s designed for up-close encounters. What’s strange to us was the Achillus Dreadspear is arguably better in close combat. Kind of odd, no? The Galatus Shield is nice however – maybe that’s why you’re paying more points.


Telemont Heavy Dreadnought

Finally, we get to the big daddy of them all – the Telemon Heavy Dread. Obviously this is the literally biggest kid on the block – but it’s also got a base cost of 180 points BEFORE weapons. And those Arachnus Stormcannons and Iliastus Acceleator Culverins aren’t cheap. That said, this thing is a BEAST. With a 4+ save, 14 wounds AND a 6+ “feel no pain” it’s going to stick around like a Knight in a lot of situations. Compared to a Knight it doesn’t have the same firepower but it’s also on a much smaller footprint. Compared to the other Dreads, this one can be catered to a mix of roles as well.


We’re including these from the Forge World Beta Rules as a reference:

So, if we are JUST comparing these dreads to one another, what do you think? Who’s coming out on top? Now what if we add in the rest of the army? Which one of these dreads actually adds some value to roles the army struggles with? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!



The biggest might not be the best…

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