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40K: A Vigilus Teaser, Just For You

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Feb 05

It’s Tuesday night, or possibly Wednesday morning, depending on where and when in the world you are. Why not kick things off right with a satisfying teaser of Vigilus 2, almost certain to appear at Thursday’s LVO seminar.

As the evening winds down or your day just begins, go ahead and take a little time for yourself. Pull up your favorite chair, get out a snifter of your favorite beverage–it’s been/is going to be a hard day, you deserve it. As the barrel-aged aroma wafts into your senses, let your mind drift back to easier, simpler times. To a time before it all went wrong somehow. It always seems to, doesn’t it.

You try and you try, swearing this time things will be different. You set reminders, go to Informal Classes at the night annex so you’re not always so worried–maybe you learn Beginning Horseback Riding or Intermediate Blogging, but then the cold, hard right hand of reality slaps you in the face. You don’t own a horse. And you haven’t written anything in your blog since that one post that said you’d be updating every week for a year just to get in the habit of it. What were you thinking? Next thing you know, you’re waking up in yet another alley, covered in someone else’s blood while the full moon hangs high and bright behind thick clouds, while sirens wail in the distance. Time to start over. Again. Maybe next time in a place with more Wolfsbane.

Ah youth.

But in the midst of it all, you find solace in the fact that Vigilus 2 is around the corner. In another month (ish) you’ll be able to see what happens when the myriad forces on Vigilus find a new contender come to their beleaguered world, which stands a lonely vigil at the head of the Nachmund Gauntlet (one of the precious few routes through the Cicatrix Maledictum). And as you prepare for more news of the Black Legion and their terrible havoc coming to this world, there’s a ray of hope. A teaser on GW’s Official Warhammer 40K Facebook Page.

You remind yourself the Las Vegas Open is in just a few days–there’ll be more news soon, and maybe, just maybe, things will turn out all right in the end, for Vigilus and for you.


Best of luck out there–and stay tuned for more LVO news on Thursday!

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