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40K: Abaddon’s Arrival Imminent – Count The Days

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Feb 8 2019

Games Workshop teased the return of the Warmaster and you’ve got less than a month to prepare. Come see Abaddon and mark your calendars – The Black Legion and Abaddon, Warmaster of Chaos are coming!

In case you missed it, GW showed off a new Primaris Lieutenant at the LVO Preview. No really, there is a new Lieutenant in the video:

Did you see it? Well here’s a better look:


SEE! Totally NOT trolling the Community. But yes, the actual news was that Abaddon is back and coming to take the fight back to the Imperium! We only caught some glimpses of his glory – but what a sight for sore eyes.



Yep, that’s Drach’nyen, the End of Empires and the Echo of the First MurderThere is only one!

And the Talon of Horus – Yes! Yes it is!

And GW had a message for us as well.



…but when? Oh, they answered that, too:

So what day is that, exactly? Well let’s check the calendar.

That also just HAPPENS to line up with the clock that started when Vigilus Defiantcampaign. Looks like Haarken Worldclaimer has some explaining some do…

Oh this is going to be good.



Abaddon The Despoiler returns.


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