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40K BREAKING: First Black Legion Teasers

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Feb 7 2019

We have a new CSM image that promises two new units. One has made a teensy appearance before.

We just got that top image from GW about upcoming conflict “Near Vigilus”

Standard fare of CSMs and Primaris Ultras duking it out. then you look closer and see the following:

Upper right, the new Black Legion goat mini we say a few weeks back.

In the center we see a new type of Black Legion Heavy infantry. It looks like a Terminator/Helbrute with a large weapon atop it.

In the background left and right we get two more of those “spider thingys” we saw in the center of the Urban conquest cover.


Finally on the left we get an Ultramarines Primaris Libby, which some folks online think could be Tigurius. You make the call on that one.

Also, there looks to be some new equipment on some Reivers and maybe a Reiver Officer…

~ The big reveal seminar is minutes away. Have fun speculating.



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