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40K: Come Take A Look At The Dreaded Ambull In Blackstone Fortress

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Feb 12 2019

Today friends, we have a look at the new Dreaded Ambull, which can be found prowling the ever-shifting corridors of the Blackstone Fortress.

The first expansion for Warhammer Quest: Blackstone Fortress is up for pre-order, and in it you’ll find the Dreaded Ambull. It’s both a title and the name of the boss of the module, which pits players in search of the beast to try and harvest genetic material. Because what else would you try and do with a massive multi-ton monster that can tear your head off as soon as look at you?

And this beast is a beefy one–capable of tearing through a party solo, this encounter is sure to challenge the most canny players. Let’s take a look.

via Warhammer Community

The Dreaded Ambull expansion pack not only provides you with the awesome new miniature (and two clusters of its Borewyrm offspring) but adds a new quest for your explorers. In it, they are tasked by a rogue Adeptus Mechanicus Genetor to locate and secure several priceless Ambull eggs for his research. It sounds simple enough in principle, but the Ambull is quite unlike anything that your explorers will have faced thus far – and more dangerous. In fact, with its Eviscerating Blows and Hulking Creature special rules, it can happily tear its way through your entire exploration party by itself!

Although you may encounter the Ambull during the course of your expeditions, the beast will be at its most deadly when cornered in its lair. That’s right, it will get even stronger! However, should your explorers manage to track down the Ambull’s nest, steal the eggs and escape with their lives, they will be handsomely rewarded.

As you can see, the Ambull is already hard enough to deal with–it heals, it returns as a reinforcement, readily, and it’s even stronger in its lair. We don’t know what the full reward is for defeating this encounter–but, here’s a look at some of the cards you’ll find in the expansion.


And with that, another blast from the 40K past returns to the grim darkness of the distant future. What do you think? What other old models or things we never saw do you want to see out of Blackstone Fortress?

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