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40K: Commissar Severina Raine Rules Revealed

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Feb 1 2019

A new hero of the Imperium is coming to Kill Team and 40k and she’s bringing leading from the front – Come see the new Commissar’s rules!

First revealed by Warhammer Community last month, Saverina Raine is coming to the Warhammer 40k Universe sooner than you might think! To accompany her new book Honourbound, she’s getting a new model:

Today, we are getting a sneak-peek at her rules for Kill Team and we all know how those rules tend to filter over to 40k proper pretty easily.

via Imgur

Stat-wise, she is very much in line with other Elite-slot Commissars. With 3s across the board she no slouch in melee or ranged combat – although she’s not going to be taking on an entire army by herself, either. She does have a 4+ save listed on the profile and if that transfer from her Kill Team stats to 40k, then she’s got a slightly better save to boot.

Her Leading from the front ability is clearly designed for Kill Team and not 40k. She also has the Leadership Specialist keyword. Based on that, it’s pretty safe to assume she’s going to get some type of leadership/morale boost for friendly Astra Militarum units nearby. It will be interesting if GW just copy+pastes the Aura of Discipline rule from the other Commissars or not with this model.

And finally, we also see she has an enhanced Bolt Pistol style gun. Penance has an extra 2″ range compared to other Bolt-pistols and comes with an additional -1 AP. Not bad, but not mind-blowingly amazing – but it will blow your mind if you get shot by her in the face. And her sword Evenfall is basically a named power sword (saber?) so that’s cool.


What do you think of the new model and her rules for Kill Team? Let us know in the comments!


Just another day in the Guard!

Author: Adam Harrison
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