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40K: It Looks Like GW is Getting Rid of Classic CSMs

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Feb 20 2019

We’ve gotten a LOT of pics and teasers over the last 2 weeks. It’s time to put together what CSMs are getting next month:

The Chaos Marine range is one of the largest in the game and like Space Marines is quite large. A lot of it is also fairly old, or even worse – resin. While the Space Marines have gotten fresh blood through the Primaris line, the CSMs are still soldiering on with the “spiky classic marine” look. You know – this look:

The Current CSM Range

Looking at the current CSM range, the older kits that have that old-school feel and really need updating are:

  • Berzerkers (SO OLD!)
  • Havocs
  • CSM Squad
  • Possessed
  • Obliterators (finecast)
  • Mutilators (finecast)
  • Terminators
  • Chaos Bikers

GW is always looking for the opportunity to wipe away more finecast from their range, and I bet they have their eyes on as many of the units up there as they can fit into the new CSM release.

Please replace us – these bellbottoms are just embarrassing in 2019.

The New Aesthetic

For several years now, GW has found a new design language for the CSMs to make them more lethal, rugged and dangerous looking. The old straight lines, smooth edges and simple spikes have given way to teeth, furs, semi-organic tubing, angular edges and more hulking mass. This look:


And it looks like with Shadowspear, VigilusII, and a possible CSM codex reboot – they are looking to upgrade the line en masse – finally.

Shadowspear Basics

GW said at the LVO seminar that Shadowspear was just around the corner; a handful of weeks – so expect it in March, probably alongside Vigilus II. It’s going to be a BIG month for 40K.

Onto the New CSMs

Right off the bat, we KNOW these guys/kits are coming:

  • Master of Possession Vorash Soulflayer (see Vigilus p.122)
  • CSMs
  • Obliterators
  • Venomcrawler
  • Abaddon (it’s him in that teaser video)

The Usual Suspects

Now let’s take a look at the week of teasers and see if they match up:

Powerfist – Possible CSM, TermyTerminator Top Spikes: Possible Terminators, Abaddon Weapon option – VenomcrawlerChainglaive: Possible CSMs, Possessed, Berserkers Termies, Almost anybody…Chaos Backpack – Mutated: Possible CSMs, PossessesdHeavy Bolter: Possible CSMs, HavocsCrab-Claw: Possible PossessedBestial power armor foot: Possible PossessedChaos Backpack: Possible CSMs, Possessed



Putting It All Together

March is shaping up to be a GIANT multi-week CSM release window:

New CSM kits looks like:

  • Master of Possession Vorash Soulflayer
  • CSM Squad
  • Obliterators
  • Venomcrawler
  • Abaddon
  • Possessed
  • Terminators (possible)
  • Havocs (maybe, leaning against)
  • Berzerkers (maybe, leaning against)
  • Mutilators (possible as a combo kit with Obliterators)

New CSM Related Books looks like:

  • Vigilus 2 (there will be some rules in there)
  • Codex CSM (probable, we’ve been hearing a LOT of rumor chatter about it’s return)

Which would have the effect of knocking out more than half the “Classic CSM” looking kits and moving the line solidly into the new aesthetic.  It’s about time and I’m really hoping GW pulls a new set of Berzerkers out of the air to stun us all. They need a new kit most of all.

~One thing is certain, Chaos is on the rise and they will be sacrificing your wallet to the Ruinous Powers.

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