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40K: Nemendghast Falls, Shadowspear Gets Previewed

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Feb 25 2019

With the addition of a new banner on the Warhammer Community counting down the days, the clock is winding down–and the hype is amping up, for the Black Legion’s assault on Vigilus.

Yesterday, a new countdown banner appeared on the Warhammer Community home page–a banner counting down the days until Vigilus, that lonely world that stands guard at the head of the Nachmund Gauntlet, one of the precious few stable routes through the Cicatrix Maledictum, belongs to the Warmaster. Abaddon’s attempt to cosplay as Horus aside (seriously he’s wearing Horus’ gauntlets and calls himself the Warmaster, at least Calgar is working his daddy issues out by beefing up and being awesome), we are pretty sure that’s when we’ll see the release of Shadowspear. And as a Shadowspear preview today, we got a short story featuring the fallen world of Nemendghast.

If that name sounds familiar to you, you’ve got a keen eye. That world was briefly mentioned in a section about the Aeldari in Vigilus Defiant. This piece of lore hid in plain sight, mentioning both Vanguard Marines and the new Black Legion forces (specifically the Master of Possessions) in a section titled: A Terrifying Find.

We get a better glimpse of this world in the short story The Last Day, which takes place on the world of Nemendghast’s last day:

‘Oh Emperor… face horrors of the darkest sort and… preserve your humble servant and… oh Throne, this shrine is coming apart, nowhere is safe from the storm… It is sweeping across our world, it is devouring us… Daemons! It does not matter… name them, Daemons ride upon the storm’s bloody winds and… to our damnation! If you hear this, know that… fought until… Nemendghast remained loyal, Nemendghast remained…’

***recording ends, servo-skull machine spirit diagnostics warn of potential spiritual corruption, power cell shuts down***

This is probably what leads to the creation of the Forge Infernus. And then the Ultramarines show up with their new Vanguard, ready to strike. This tiny blurb gives us a better idea of what Shadowspear is going to be all about. They’re calling it the War for Nemendghast–this feels like the war is the focus of the boxed set. You’ll probably see the new Vanguard and Librarians poised against the Daemonkin and Venomcrawler, led by the Soulflayer, and there’ll be a whole bunch of missions that revolve around fighting on a Daemon world.


I wouldn’t be surprised if there are some special terrain effects or environmental hazards–but the point of it all will be to set the stage for Vigilus 2, whatever that may be. If the countdown timer unleashes Shadowspear, will Vigilus 2 be alongside it? Or is that another, more distant release to look forward to? Will that be where Abaddon shows up? We’ll have to wait and see.

In the meantime, let us know what you think

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