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40K: The Daemonkin of Nemendghast – Chaos Rising

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Feb 22 2019

Games Workshop is back with more teasers (and a confirmation) from Shadowspear – come take a look!

The Daemonkin of Nemendghast are joining the fight with Shadowspear. Fire-up the fleshworks and get ready for a new breed of Daemon-infused Engines:

Creepy! But let’s take a closer look at a few of those images.

We’re getting another glimpse of the “big three” from the Shadowspear release. We’ve got the Chaos Sorcerer here, the hulking Obliterator, and the Possessed fellow in this shot. I cannot wait to get these models!!! Also, some omnious voice over about daemons engines. Because – of course.

And speaking of Daemon Engines – we get a shot of the back of the trio and the Chaos Spider. There is some more interesting stuff going on in the background of this image too. I’m looking at that furnace thing and really hoping we get a kit for that! It would be kind of epic…

The Daemonkin are on the way! At least we know what we’re looking at (sort of) now. These Chaos-bros are certainly in league with the Warmaster and are clearly Black Legion – but they are also “Daemonkin” – that was an angle I don’t think folks were thinking of either.


The last time we had a Daemonkin it was for Khorne. This certainly seems like it could be a more “generic” Chaos Daemonkin book/mini-dex. And hey, if that updates these new models with some fancy new rules and introduces new characters that’s good enough for me.

More Reveals And Confirmations

We also have a few clues to the Daemon Engines that have been teased. I think we just confirmed were a pair of those bits are coming from:

That double-vent backpack is pretty unique and the mighty maw is also pretty distinct, too. We’ve seen lots of art from Shadowspear featuring this figure. Could this be a brand new character possessed? Maybe along the lines of how Haarken Worldclaimer was a Raptor Character? That would be neat. It’s a roundabout way to “fix” a unit to make them more viable – just take their “character” that runs next to them and gives them a unit-buff via an aura. It’s happened before!

GW is doing a pretty cool job of setting up this conflict for Shadowspear. We seem to have two forces approaching the same situation and preparing for a fight. The Vanguard teaser showed the Space Marines approaching the factory from the outside. And this video shows the Chaos forces on the inside of the factory. That ties is all back to the Urban Conquest image as well:


Things are about to REALLY interesting. New models and a new battleground for these forces to go head-to-head over. Get ready for WAR!

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