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AoS: Battletome Skaven’s Cunning Sneak-Tricks – Rules Preview

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Feb 5 2019

The followers of the Great Horned Rat once destroyed a world. What fresh new horrors will they unleash upon the Mortal Realms now that they’re getting a new Battletome?

Come see what the Skaven have skrounged up in their upcoming battletome. Outfitted with cunning tricks that help them swarm the bigger, buffer armies of the Mortal Realms. With their Battletome just around the corner, we’ve got a look at what tricks they’ve got up their sleeve.

via Warhammer Community

Battletome: Skaven follows the long, strange story of the skaven in the Mortal Realms, exploring the nature of the Great Horned Rat, Gnawholes and skaven society. You’ll also find loads of evocative new art that brings the world of these vile ratmen to life in grotesque detail. It’s perfect for inspiring your own collection and helps to tie your army into the grand narrative of Warhammer Age of Sigmar.


You’ll find four new allegiance abilities inside, along with six Clan specific abilities, each reflecting a different strength of the Skaven. First up, abilities that reflect the numberless hordes of the Skaven:

These both help shore up your numbers advantage, which is good because individual Skaven will die in droves. But if you have enough to get even a decently sized mob stuck in, you’ll start burning through your opponents–ideally you’ll have at least 30 left for maximum carnage. But then beyond that, there are abilities to help your leaders survive no matter what:


You get some cool, flavorful abilities here that will keep your heroes out of fights, or avoiding wounds so they can keep your unstoppable tide flowing.

Here’s a look at the Clan Abilities, from the Mighty Warlords of Verminus:

To the creations of Moulder:

Soon you’ll be drowning the world in rats. But, beyond just their abilities, the Skaven are “masters” of the Warp with two new Magical Lores that display their skill:


And while the Skaven are a great Horde army, this new Battletome promises other playstyles as well:

Dig deeper, however, and you’ll find all sorts of unusual army builds. Support an artillery line of Plagueclaws with bulky Rat Ogors, field a super-elite force of Stormvermin, or field a convocation of terrifying Verminlords – the possibilities are nigh endless. Of course, if you’d rather focus on one of the great clans, you can still do that – in fact, you’ll be rewarded for focusing your efforts with special Battleline choices.

All this, coming over the weekend.

What will you do when the Vermintide rises?

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