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Board Games Top 10: Featuring Star Wars: Outer Rim

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Feb 14 2019

FFG announces a brand new Star Wars game coming this year! Play as a scoundrel just trying to make it in this crazy galaxy… by becoming rich and famous.

The Weekly Board Games Top 10

“The Hotness” on BoardGameGeek is a list of the currently most popular games, as based on views. This week brings us these winners:

1. Star Wars: Outer Rim
2. The Castles of Burgundy (2019)
3. Sushi Roll
4. Gloomhaven
5. Ghost Star
6. Vindication
7. MegaCity: Oceania
8. Root
9. Wingspan
10. Terraforming Mars

Welp, this is a very new Hotness this week. Star Wars: Outer Rim, Castles of Burgundy, Sushi Roll, Ghost Star*, and MegaCity: Oceania are all set to release this year and don’t really have a lot of information available just yet. But let’s single out the top dog for this week.

Star Wars: Outer Rim looks super rad. I’m a big fan of any game which offers lots of customization and Outer Rim has a lot of customization options. We don’t yet have a whole ton of information yet, in terms of specific mechanics, but still the official announcement goes over a lot of the broad topics.

*Ghost Star is/was on Kickstarter and was fully funded, but then the campaign was cancelled. Apparently, there are rumors floating around that the creator of the game is associated with another KS campaign which was found out to be a scam. Just a weird note and a word of precaution when funding a Kickstarter campaign.

Star Wars: Outer Rim

Outer Rim is a game where you take the role of a bounty hunter looking to make it big.

You’ll spend your time taking on dangerous jobs while hiring some recognizable characters to join you on your adventures.


You start with a fairly nondescript ship with very few bells and almost no whistles. Throughout the game you’ll have the opportunity to upgrade your ship in a multitude of ways to better suit the jobs you’re tackling.

Completeing your ship goal allows you to flip the ship card to unlock new abilities and reveal its super secret name that you’d definitely never guess.

The goal of each player is to gain 10 Fame, which is accomplished by completing bounties and job and your character’s personal objective. Jobs can be anything from collecting bounties, delivering illegal goods, battling patrols from each of the warring factions (such as Hutts, Crime Syndicates, Imperials, and Rebels) or just buying some fancy things with your hard-earned credits. The patrols can be an annoying deterrence, but dealing with them might gain you some powerful allies elsewhere.

Outer Rim allows for a lot of customization. Each player board contains slots for that player’s ship, character card and gear. But is also used to track that player’s reputation, Fame, jobs and bounties.

Star Wars: Outer Rim has a lot going for it and with a pretty popular theme, I could easily see this game becoming a new staple in a lot of gaming collections!


Plus there’s a solo mode!

From Fantasy Flight Games

Star Wars: Outer Rim$64.95 – Available Q2 2019

Far from the shadows of Coruscant’s skyscrapers lies the dangerous Outer Rim. To many citizens, the galaxy’s edge represents a hive of scum and villainy that is better left ignored. But to the scoundrels of the galaxy, the Outer Rim represents opportunity. If you can survive the harsh conditions of the edge of space, you may just find yourself emerging from the grime of the underworld as one of the most famous scoundrels in the galaxy.

  • 1 – 4 Players
  • 120 – 180 Minutes
  • Ages 14+

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