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Genestealer Cult Rules – Kellermorph, Nexos & Ridgerunner

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Feb 4 2019

Today we look at three of the new units subverting their way onto the tabletop. The Day of Ascension is upon us!

Codex Genestealer Cults is here and may be the most divergent army in the game.  From its blob deployment system to its giant sack of dirty movement tricks this is an army that plays like no other. It also arrives with 11 new units, completely redefining the army from what it was back in 7th Edition.  Let’s take a look at three of these to get everyone ready for the codex:


Everyone’s newest 3rd Generation badass, the triple pistol toting badass is bad news. HE hits on 2s, gets six shots and gets a bonus shot for every hit. Exactly why his puny pistols hit as hard as an autocannon is up for debate – but hit hard, they do. This guy will be popping up out of nowhere and shooting up characters before they can do a thing. Now if only there were a way to increase the damage of his weapon to 3.  Oh, wait…


Everyone’s favorite new purple strategist has a permanent scowl, lets you play games with your blips, and acts as a poor man’s Kurov’s Aquilla. He’s popular – even if he never cracks a smile. I think he’s pissed he has to do his critical job using an old Motorola brick cell-phone. Or maybe he’s tired of endlessly attacking holographic projections of GW HQ.

Achilles Ridgerunner

Sporting two heavy stubbers and a decent choice of weapons, the Rudgerunner can be a lightning fast anti-tank platform, or hang back in squads and fill the role of Whirlwinds to clear light infantry. You can stuff 9 of them into a detachment, and the choice of Survey Auger or Spotter is tough – they are both solid choices.  It’s also a great looking buggy – eat your heart our Orks!

~So which one of these is your favorite?


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