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GW’s Most Insane Psyker Mini Spotted

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Feb 1 2019

You find REALLY strange stuff on Necromunda. Take a look at these new minis just spotted yesterday.

GW’s latest developer interview with Andy Hoare was all about upcoming Necromunda releases. Take a look at these minis including one piece of utter resin insanity and the reinvention of an old friend.

The Usual Suspects

First up we have Guilder Bounty Hunter Baertrum Arturos III. He’s got that giant powdered wig, weird bird-mask-chin-thing, and guns aplenty.  Quite stylish.

Moving on we have some adorable Cawdor Bombrats. Awww – how cute, I just want to pick one up and – BOOM!

Next up is an old friend from the Siege of Vraks, reinvented as a Necromundan Rogue Psyker who has escaped from the Planetary Governor’s private group of “tamed psykers” (this seems like a bad idea).  Apparently GW though it was just too good of a mini to be retired and fit the vibe of Necromunda perfectly.  We agree, and welcome back old friend!


What You’ve Been Waiting For

I’m sure you’ve noticed it by now…hovering over on the right. What on Terra is THAT THING?! It’s like a heart/sporemine/Mr. Potatohead/bagpipes, with all kinds of freakish things sticking out of. Oh just wait – according to Andy that is one of those “tame psykers” who didn’t run away from the Governor – and that’s his backside.  Moving around to the front gives us…..


Oh dear sweet Baby Jesus – what have we all done to deserve this masterpiece. The hands – look at the teensy hands, the gigantic face, all the pipes and respirator plugged into it to keep it alive. Also – WHERE THE HELL are its legs? Also he (please let it be a he) floats.  I think we should get a 24″x 36″ poster of this guy in a future White Dwarf to hang directly above our beds – so it’s the first thing we see when we wake up.

~I’m flabbergasted and FREAKED OUT – have at it everybody!

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