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Horus Heresy FAQ Now Available

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Feb 11 2019

The Age of Darkness has a new FAQ update available today. Horus Heresy Players – it’s time to double check your codex!

Games Workshop and Forge World are still continuing to support and update the Horus Heresy ruleset with a new FAQ that has been released today. The overall errata is a fairly lengthy document and covers multiple armies, their options, and other changes. On top of those changes there are some additional clarifications with the core/special rules.

Download the Horus Heresy FAQ HERE

via Warhammer Community

Get all the latest errata for the Horus Heresy rules and army lists, including a new profile for Magnus the Red, and clarifications, such as how Legion Apothecaries interact with Space Wolves Grey Slayers. There are also new playtest rules that update Destroyers, a selection of Consuls and more. Give us feedback about these changes and they may be fully incorporated into future iterations of the Space Marine Legion army list.

There are quite a few changes, as mentioned, like the clarification on Feel No Pain checks:

Or the changes to a Legion Command Squad’s options:


There are even updates that completely re-work some weapons like the Graviton Hammer:

And that’s just the tip of this FAQ/Errata Iceberg. There is a LOT to unpack in the document – so DIG IN!


What do you think of this FAQ/Errata? Is there anything else that jumps out at you for your Horus Heresy army?

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