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Mynock Squadron: Flight Academy 02: The Dice

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Feb 6 2019

X-Wing Pilots; let’s roll some dice!

Welcome to Mynock Flight Academy!

What is Flight Academy? Flight Academy is a monthly “back to basics” episode to help both fresh new recruits and grizzled veterans alike. For our newer players, Flight Academy acts as a foundational building block to learn the important fundamentals of X-Wing. For our more seasoned pros, think of this as a refresher course of various elements you may have forgotten, or skipped over in your own self-education of the game.

To make it easier to listen to past episodes, we’ll be giving these episodes their own number. It’s our intent that a year from now, new players will be able to listen to just these 12 episodes and feel that they have a good primer into how to elevate their game. The advice you’ll gain in these sessions should transcend metas and be useful regardless of what the current “powerhouse” is.

Today our lesson centers around the dice, which have a powerful effect on many facets of the game. We bring on Andrew Lauritzen, Master of Numbers and creator of the X-Wing Dice Calculator, to discuss how to best make sense of those fickle green and red Octahedrons.

[00:02:00] Motivation
[00:10:00] Dice Basics
[00:15:00] Expected Results
[01:15:00] Additional Dice Mechanics
[01:35:00] Dice and Post-Game Analysis

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X-Wing Calculator

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