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Tabletop Spotlight: Jyn Erso and Rebel Pathfinders for Star Wars Legion

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Feb 27 2019

The Empire doesn’t stand a chance against this latest wave of rebels! Join JR and Drake as they take a look at the Jyn Erso and Rebel Pathfinders expansions to Star Wars Legion.

The Rebel Pathfinders come with a total of six unique miniatures, four of which are armed with A-300 rifles while Bistan and Pao will take on the heavy weapons role.

Jyn Erso comes with 3 new command cards and obviously the associated unit card, but also 4 new upgrade cards which can be applied to Jyn Erso herself or any of your other units.


Rebel Pathfinders Unit$24.95 – Available Now

Spies, saboteurs, and assassins, the Rebel Pathfinders are the most elite—and the most deadly—of the Alliance’s soldiers. These grizzled combat veterans need unwavering dedication to their cause in order to endure the horrors of their operations and missions.

With the Rebel Pathfinders Unit Expansion, you can sneak behind enemy lines and hit the Empire where it’s most vulnerable. This expansion features six finely sculpted Rebel Pathfinder miniatures, enough for one special forces unit. You’ll also find a  unit card and an assortment of upgrade cards, inviting you to outfit your Rebel Pathfinders for any operation.

Jyn Erso Commander$12.95 – Available Now

The shadow of the Death Star looms across the galaxy, threatening any planet that doesn’t fall in line with the Empire. Only those brave—and perhaps foolish—enough to stand against the Empire can hope to save the galaxy from this technological terror. Raised by the extremist Saw Gerrera and on her own from a young age, Jyn Erso embodies both of these qualities. Reckless and aggressive, Erso is nonetheless a brave leader who can contribute to your Star Wars: Legion  battle plans in many ways.


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Author: Matt Sall
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