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40K BREAKING: New Terminator Mini Revealed

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Mar 20

Heresy begets heresy–chaos follows chaos, and so it comes to pass that there’s another Chaos mini in town, this time it’s a new terminator! Check it out.

Chaos Marines are just falling from the skies these days. This time coming to you from Instagram, showing that there’s no avenue Chaos cannot corrupt, we’ve got a look at a new Chaos Terminator model below. Armed with an autocannon and some swanky looking new armor, this answers yet ANOTHER Daemon Engine mystery. Take a look.

via Instagram

We’ve seen our Astra Militarum friend up there on the spikes before…

But that’s only one of it. If you look closely at the fist you’ll see that while similar–it’s actually not the same fist. Nor are those probably-night-lord-lightning-claws anywhere to be seen. So this new Terminator kit looks pretty expansive.

We know Havocs are coming too–Vigilus Ablaze is going to be a heck of a release folks. Our friend on the far left there is getting his day in the sun. You can see the flexibility of the kit on display. No word on wether new Terminator options will be in Vigilus Ablaze or not yet, so we’ll have to see what the weekend brings us.


But in the meantime, these are exciting models. Chaos has needed new Terminators for a while and these go a long way to giving Chaos a unified base to build all of the customization off of. Whether you’re a Night Lord or a Red Corsair, they’ll all have the same terrifying ground floor to build off of.

They’re bigger, they have the new armor design, they feel a lot more imposing than before. We’re excited to see what else gets an update in this new wave of Chaos.

What do you think of these Terminators? What else do you want to see get an update? Let us know in the comments!

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