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40K: Chaos Space Marine Terminators Unboxed

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Mar 30

The new breed of Chaos Space Marine Terminators are here and they are going to take your lunch money.

They are brining a new batch of looks and fisticuffs to the lunch room and they sure are hungry. You do not want to get in their way:

Fists For All

Even though these Terminators come standard with chain axes, there’s only 1 in the box. So if you want to run these guys *that* lean, you’re going to have to drop some coin to pick-up a few boxes. Otherwise, you’re just going to want to bite the bullet and get ready to run a whole lot of power fists.

GW got a lot right with this kit. The combi-weapon options are a nice change (although we would have liked to see MORE Plasma besides just 1) and the Reaper Autocannon and Flamer are good looking bits. There are a few different head options and lots of ways to mix-n-match those shoulder pads.

We like the new sculpts overall – it’s just we wish there were some more melee options besides the plethora of power fists. You really only get 1 set of lightning Claws, a single chain axe, a power sword, a power maul, and a chain-fist. The rest of the fist options are just…fists. It really feels like GW had a good idea of the bits you want to run but decided against just having ALL the options. While it’s a cool kit, it’s just going to be frustrating to try and build the exact unit you want without having to buy 5 boxes – and that’s not going to happen for most folks.

Do these new sculpts warrant replacing your old plastic Chaos Terminators? I’ll leave that up to dedicated chaos players to decide. I know I’ve got a few of the older version but those new combi-weapons are calling to me…Abaddon does need a good bodyguard, right?


What do you think of the new Plastic Chaos Terminator kit?

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