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40K: Horus Heresy – Malevolence Brings Two New Legions And Primarchs To The 31st Millennium

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Mar 25 2019

Making its way to the glory-strewn battlefields of the Horus Heresy comes Malevolence, the upcoming 8th book for the game.

Malevolence brings two new Legions into conflict, adding White Scars and their Bloody Buds who are fun to be with, the Blood Angels. Expect lots of maneuvering, valiant fighting, and a thirst for blood that’s probably nothing to worry about to unfold via the rules in the book. Speaking of, let’s dive in!

via Warhammer Community 

The Horus Heresy campaign books are always fantastic sources of information about the background and narrative of the Horus Heresy, expanding on elements from Black Library’s novel series and diving deep into the greatest battles of the war. Malevolence is no exception, focusing on iconic clashes for its featured Legions – the Blood Angels’ battle against Daemonic hordes on Signus Prime, and the betrayal at Chondax, which saw the White Scars pitted against mysterious foes. (By which we obviously mean the Alpha Legion. When it’s mysterious, it’s pretty much always the Alpha Legion.)

You’ll find two different campaign systems at play, alongside eight new missions and all the rules you need for creating your own campaigns. But what’s real exciting is the new Blood Angel/White Scars rulestravaganza that you’ll find ensconced within.

You’ll also find rules for Chapter Master Raldoron, the elite Crimson Paladins Terminators, and of course everyone’s favorite feather-winged Primarch, Sanguinius.


The White Scars, on the other hand, have their new Swift Action rule, which will help your charges feel as devastating as you’d want them to be.

New units for the White Scars include the jetbike-mounted Golden Keshig, the Kyzagan Assault Speeder, which uses assault cannons and autocannons to devastate lightly armoured enemies, and of course a plethora of heroes, headed by Jaghatai Khan himself.

Add to this two new army lists–an all Custodes force, the Talons of the Emperor, and their daemonic opponents, the Ruinstorm–and you’ll have a ton of new options to play with. You can pre-order the book on Friday along with Sanguinius.

Time to get amped for the heresy flavors of your choice!


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