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40K: Next Week – Lord Discordant Reigns Supreme

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Mar 31 2019

Next week from GW, the Chaos Lord Discordant is arriving! Check them out today, pre-order them Saturday!

Coming next week from GW, the highly anticipated and super deadly Lord Discordant we’ve seen is en route. Chaos is in the air, which means that Dr. Ian Malcolm is having a field day.

And soon, so will your Chaos armies. We’re stoked to get a look at what the Dark Mechanicus big boss and his  weapons can do. Let’s dive in!

via Warhammer Community

Lord Discordant

GW says the kit has lots of little details including:

  • Dark Mechanicus symbol (hint hint) – maybe up on the flag, or on his pauldron?
  • Machine Spirit right out of the classic Land Raider cutaway drawing – HEH –  AWESOME!

~Start saving your pennies…



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