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40K: Preview These Rules For Renegades And Fallen In Vigilus Ablaze

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Mar 20 2019

Vigilus Ablaze brings out the heretic in all of us–with new rules for all kinds of Chaos units, here’s a look at what the Renegade Chapters and elusive Fallen will get in the upcoming book.

Everyone’s favorite Traitor Legions are getting some love in Vigilus Ablaze. Especially some of the more esoteric traitor chapters, like the Renegades–who see their generic “chapter” trait go from one to six in the book–or the enigmatic Fallen who have a new Specialist Detachment. There’s a lot to dig through, so let’s dive right on in.

via Warhammer Community

First up, here’s a look at the Renegades, who have been separated out into six different chapters that you can use to represent the Traitors of your choice. There’s the Crimson Slaughter, Red Corsairs, the Purge, the Scourged, the Brazen Beasts, and the Flawless Host. And each of these factions gets its own Renegade Trait, stratagem, warlord trait, and relic–here’s a sampling.

First up we’ve got the chapter traits from Crimson Slaughter and the Red Corsairs. The Crimson Slaughter’s trait has a lot of promise for people hoping to max out the ways they can regain Command Points, but the real star of the show are the Red Corsais, who not only can natively advance and charge–which by itself would be plenty–but they also get more Command Points the more Corsairs they bring.

It’s an interesting incentive to try and take Chaos Space Marines, though I imagine that still means seeing more specialists–Cultists do still exist, and are generally better than generic CSMs at what you want them to do. Which is give you CP to use for the stuff you want to take.

There’s also a laundry list of new Stratagems. Here’s a look at the Purge and the Scourged.


This is certainly a flavorful Stratagem, but I don’t know how often you’d use it. Sure it helps you pick off enemies that get stuck in–but usually that doesn’t happen too much and most Chapters have some way of either falling back and still shooting, or just falling back. Either way, it’s an interesting option but not sure how useful.

Prescience is a Stratagem we’ve seen many times before–whether Auspex Scanners or Foresight–but being able to shoot an enemy unit that deep strikes in can be useful. If they’re dropping in close.

Then there’s the new Warlord Traits, which are designed to help you make a larger-than-life hero on the battlefield. Here’s a look at the Brazen Beasts, who love Khorne and it shows:

That’s one of those traits that’s useful if it pops off–you could end up real beefy by the end of the game, or you could end up never getting to actually land the killing blow. Still, it’s scary enough to draw your opponent’s fire.


Meanwhile the Scourged are great at controlling enemies. Your Warlord can force a unit to fight dead last in the Fight phase, or counter enemies that always fight first by making them understand what it is to be slow. This can give you the edge when pulling off combats against particularly heavy hitters, letting you reduce their numbers before they get in their strikes.

Finally we have a look at relics. The Flawless Hosts have a Flawless Cloak, which helps spread your aura abilities around the battlefield, in addition to giving you an extra attack.

Or there’s Maelstrom’s Bite, which significantly empowers your Combi-Melta with a Rapid Fire 3, 2 damage bolter on one end, and a Strength 9 Meltagun on the other.

Finally there’s the Fallen. They’ll be playing “a pivotal role in the story of Vigilus” and are also getting a new Specialist Detachment which lets you group in Chaos Sorcerers and Rhinos as Fallen as well as the normal options–and their rules look pretty spicy. If you take Cypher, and a bunch of Fallen Angels you will shut down Command Point generation mid-game.

If only it let you shut down command point generation pre-game. Their Stratagem is useful in a pinch, 1CP for -1 to hit in the shooting phase. You have to be “on or within” a terrain feature, so it’s highly situational, but nice to see the Fallen getting some attention.



That’s it for now–but there are more thigns to come in Vigilus Ablaze. Stay tuned for more previews as it’s pre-order date draws nigh!

Let us know what you think of these new rules in the comments!

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