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40K: Shadowspear – The Unboxing

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Mar 09

Strap on your seat belts as we blast off with the next chapter for Adeptus and Heretic Astartes – it’s Shadowspear time!

If you’ve been wondering if Shadowspear has been worth all the hype it’s time judge for yourself. We’ve got a copy of the box and we’re taking a tour of what you can expect to find:

Now that you’ve got an overview of what’s inside, let’s take a closer look at all those sweet new miniatures!

Chaos Rising

Master of Possession

This model is ready for it’s time in the spotlight. I’m sure we’re going to see this character in a Clam-pack type product at some point!

Chaos Venomcrawler & Obliterators

It’s not often we see GW produce a combined sprue like this and when we do, it’s specific for boxed sets. I have a funny feeling we’re going to see kits for BOTH the Obliterators AND Venomcrawler in their own individual boxes in the near future. For now, this massive combo sprue fits both units.


Chaos Space Marines & Greater Possessed

Speaking of combo sprues, this is another one we’re getting. The CSM and the Greater Possessed are sharing this one. Again, I’m pretty confident we’re going to get some type of Possessed box and a new CSM box, too. Plus, all these models are mono-pose. This greatly limits the options for the CSM inside this box and we know that isn’t the final form for the Chaos Space Marines!

New Vanguardians

Captain in Phobos Armor

This new Captain is perfectly designed for a new clam-pack. Could we see a different pose later? Why not! But Captains in Phobos Armor are going to be a thing.

Librarian in Phobos Armor



Yet another character in Phobos Armor. This Librarian’s model is also generic enough that he can server in just about any chapter.

Vanguard Eliminators, Infiltrators, & Suppressors

You’ll end up with two copies of the above sprue and one copy of the below sprue in the box. With that, you’ll get all the other units including the Lieutenant in Phobos Armor, too. Sensing a theme yet? It’s Phobos armor. And lots of it!

Shadowspear is looking like a great kit – with the two minidexes inside you’ll be able to combine all these units with their respective armies and have a fighting force worth taking. I think there are some big changes coming soon for both of these armies. But for now, just enjoy Shadowspear and the fantastic new models! This box will be up for pre-order this weekend and will hit store shelves next weekend!


What models are you most excited about in Shadowspear!?


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