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40K: Sleek, Stylish Grace Defines New Slaanesh

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Mar 28

There’s a new Slaanesh in town, freed from pain and bondage, the forces of the Dark Prince surge with a revitalized look that has us all excited.

Slaanesh is reborn. Long missing from the Mortal Realms (and strangely quiet in the 42nd Millennium) the forces of the Dark Prince have been seeking their master for a long time now. But these seekers’ work is soon to be rewarded with a slick new Slaanesh line soon to be released. Seriously, check out this new wave of models, which includes some friendly, familiar faces, like the Fiends of Slaanesh–but then look at what’s new:

It’s an awesome line. The new Keeper of Secrets looks incredible–and it’s interesting to see how much of an Aledari aesthetic is in there.

I mean it makes sense, Slaanesh is the doom of elves, sorry, aelves throughout Warhammer’s continuity. But look at the new Masque of Slaanesh:

It’s just one flip belt away from a Harlequin. In fact there’s a sleek grace to all of the new models that lends them an elegance from a distance, but makes them seem so grotesque up close.


This one highlights the sort of clownish, performer aesthetic that embodies new Slaanesh. These daemons and fiends really have that dark circus vibe working for them–you can all but hear the altpunk accordion music from the mid 2000’s playing alongside them.

And there’s no way this hasn’t been at a Burning Man, but it does have many shades of Aeldari to it as well. Harlequins especially, given the performer nature of the minis. What does it mean for the revitalized army? Aside from a new Herald, how are they different? How will they play?

We got an idea of it in Wrath and Rapture. That fast, fierce, but fragile army. And with a brand spanking new Keeper of Secrets, which we’ve needed for a while, the new Slaanesh looks poised to take on all comers.

We’ll probably see a big to-do around the launch if Slaanesh is actually freed from their prison between Hysh and Ulgu, I could easily see there being a Malign Portents style book around it–but we’ll have to wait and see.

In the meantime, what do you think of the new Slaanesh? What do you think is in store? Let us know in the comments!


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