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40K: Vigilus Ablaze Secrets & Spoilers

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Mar 25 2019

Abaddon has arrived and the Imperium is reeling. Here’s what’s going on Vigilus after the countdown hit zero.

Vigilus Ablaze is here and you need to pick it up. this tome completes 400 pages of lore and rules, giving 40K players of all types a giant sandbox to play in. It’s a massive tome and has something for everyone.

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We’re going in and will throw in a bunch of interesting tidbits before we hit the big plot SPOILERS.  Atop reading reading when you read them if you want to be surprised.

The Cool Tidbits

In Dirkden Hive Night Lords invaders were caught off guard and beaten back by the endless hordes of the GS Cult, the Pauper Princes.

Ad Mech forces retake The Hoist from the Pauper Princes by sending Onager Dunecrawlers up the sides of the hive. retaking it’s spire!

Facing the loss of many hives across the world, Calgar sacrifices millions of loyal citizens and sets every chaos infested spire across Vigilus alfame, consuming the CSMs and innocents within.

The Pale Stalker, a Keeper of Secrets hunts the Drukhari in the world’s polar regions, inflicting such losses, they flee in terror back to Commorragh.


The Voidclaw (see below) firing, destabilizes Vigilus, topples many hives, and most importantly scatters the world’s water supply – driving the Imperium to thirst and desperation.

Vigilus and its sister world of Sangua Terra always directly face each other due to matching polarized deposits of blackstone in their crusts. It is this connection that holds the Nachmund Gauntlet open.

Calgar stages maneuvers and gambits in the deserts, pulling his forces back while tricking the CSMs and the Speedwaaghs into conflicts with each other.

The Vengful Spirit destroys the Ad-Mech’s primary storage of mined blackstone with a battery of cyclonic torpedoes.

Many Noctilith Crowns were designed offworld by Abaddon’s Masters of Possession, and installed onworld at key points to thin the veil between the warp…

Dontoria hive falls to the combined Nurgle forces of the Death Guard and the Purge, who infect nearby worlds with Gellerpox Infected via the hive’s spaceport. They soon fall into conflict over the remains of the choked, dead hive.



The Spoilers



Abaddon Arrives onworld like a hammer, led by a Keeper of Secrets attack on Marneus himself, on the bridge of his flagship.

The Vhulian Swirl is artificially created vortex, circling around an Blackstone citadel in it’s center – occupied for Millennia by a cadre of The Fallen!

Fallen Librarian Osandus parleys with Abaddon to broker his use of “The Voidclaw” an exotic and ancient gravitic weapon, to alter the orbit of Vigilus’ Moon Neo-Vellum, and alter the shape of the  Nachmund Gauntlet.

With the planet in flames, Calgar fights his way through the Sam-Hain and conducts a high-stakes parley with their leader Farseer Keltoc. A tenuous truce is established.

Calgar confiscates 6 vortex warheads onworld and sends them into action onboard the Eldar stealth-battleship Vaul’s Ghost in a high-risk high-reward gambit for the fate of the world.

With Imperial and Aeldari distraction Attacks proceeding across the world, Calgar is beset in person by Abaddon in his HQ atop the citadel Vigilant. The two duel and Calgar is cut down, with the Gauntlets of Ultramar damaged and both his hearts cut open by the Despoiler!

As Abaddon moves in for the kill, Haarken Worldclaimer voxes news the Vengeful Spirit is close to destruction, stuck by Vaul’s Ghost and its vortex warhead cargo. The ship is being sucked into the warp and Abaddon must flee the world and return to the warp to prevent its destruction.

As Chaos forces abandon the burning world – astropaths recieve a vision that Abaddon is not finished and will be bringing The Planetkiller to bear in the near future.


~ The real question is WHERE will the Despoiler strike with his dread weapon?

Author: Larry Vela
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