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AoS: Blades of Khorne Overview

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Mar 16 2019

The new Battletome is up for Pre-Order this weekend. Join us for a quick tour!

It’s the updated, new and improved version of the Blades of Khorne Battletome. Now with the Judgements of Khorne:

The Book and Warscrolls are updated and brought up-to-date with Age of Sigmar 2.0. In the battletome we noticed there were some changes made to the Bloodtide Table and various units were tweaked and updated throughout. If you’re a Blades of Khorne player you’re going to want to pick this up for obvious reason – but be sure to double check your favorite units as they may have been adjusted slightly.




Just to give you a few examples of the changes to chew on:

  • 19 Warscroll Battalions
  • 34 Warscrolls for units covering both Khorne Bloodbound and Khorne Daemons
  • Updated Allegiance Abilities
  • Updated Summoning Rules
  • Updated  Hero Abilities for Characters
  • Updated  Command Abilities
  • Updated  Command Traits
  • Updated  Artefacts of Power
  • 3 New Judgements of Khorne

While the followers of Khorne didn’t get a ton of new units, they did get updated miniatures like the Skulltaker, Bloodmaster (Herald of Khorne), Karanak, and the Flesh Hounds of Khorne. Combine that with the new Skull Altar and the Judgements and you’ve got some new toys to play with for sure. While this book might not of fundementally changed the way the army functions, it sure does make it feel fresh and new again. You could say it gets the blood pumping again…

The new battletome and the Warscoll cards are all up for pre-order this weekend from GW!


Go. Take Skulls.


Author: Adam Harrison
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