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D&D: Numenera Comes Crashing Into 5th Edition

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Mar 13

5th Edition D&D is getting a science-fantasy boost with the advent of Arcana of the Ancients, a new sourcebook that brings the world of Numenera into 5th Edition, Kickstarting now.

Slay dragons with laser swords, unearth devices that can make or unmake divinity, discover a world that is alien and ancient–blur the line between magic and machine. If you are hungering for an ancient technology of the gods, Kirby-esque kind of majesty, then Monte Cook Games’ new Arcana of the Ancients might be the game you’re looking for. Blending the Ninth World with 5th Edition D&D, Arcana of the Ancients is a new sourcebook that introduces new monsters, new items, a whole new world–everything you need to start exploring a world of ancient and fascinating ruins buried beneath the aeons of time.

via Monte Cook Games

n the misty recesses of time, before the kingdoms and lands you know existed—before the elder elves, the dwarven ancestral lords, and even the dragons—civilizations undreamt rose and fell. And with their passing, they left behind remnants of the powers they wielded. They built citadels of metal, glass, and light, now hidden away in the deepest recesses of the world, and crafted wonders and harnessed energies we can only guess at. These places, objects, and even creatures all can be called Arcana of the Ancients.

Arcana of the Ancients is a sourcebook for 5th edition players and GMs to bring the wonders of mysterious technology and weird science-fantasy elements to their traditional fantasy campaigns. Designed by Monte Cook, Bruce R. Cordell, and Sean K. Reynolds, all of whom have years of professional design experience working on the world’s most popular roleplaying game, this gorgeously illustrated hardcover sourcebook gives you everything you need to add a whole new element to your 5E game.

Here’s a look at a few of the things you’ll find in the book:


Adventures: This book will start out with an adventure that you can insert into your existing campaign right away that will introduce the concepts of ancient civilizations, weird technology, and new strange creatures. From there, we’ll expand on the concept so that it can become a feature of your setting if you wish.

Technology: Hundreds of new items, both new wondrous items and “cyphers” (one-use, cobbled together bits of ancient tech), for players to discover and learn to use. These items  harness strange energies, warp space and time, create permanent structures, and so much more. At first, figuring out how to use these items will be challenging, but therein lies much fun!

Creatures: Dozens of new creatures, each with awe-inspiring artwork, presented to use in your campaign. Science-fantasy creatures are notably strange, replete with mysterious abilities that create unique challenges and opportunities for your PCs.

GM Advice: You’ll get pages of suggestions and guidelines for how to incorporate all these concepts into your existing campaign, or build a brand new campaign with science fantasy in mind from the get-go.

Player Options: Players can take on science-fantasy aspects all their own, including mutations, cybernetics, and more.


And since the Kickstarter has already hit its funding goal, it’s time to unlock stretch goals and see what’s next for the Ninth World’s Fifth Edition. You can check out the project below and grab your copy today.

Check out Arcana of the Ancients on Kickstarter

Happy Adventuring!

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