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RUMORS: Blood Angel & White Scars Malevolence Unit Rules

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Mar 20 2019

Horus Heresy Malevolence’s release is imminent and the rumors are streaming out for two of our favorite legions. 

Horus Heresy Malevolence is going up for preorder any day now – and many are predicting this weekend.

“Malevolence is the eighth Horus Heresy book, set during the investigation of the Signus System and the shadow campaign in the Chondax System. Signus is one of the most important war zones of the Horus Heresy, seeing Daemons unleashed en-masse and Sanguinius’ fateful duel with the Bloodthirster Ka’Bandha. This book will provide both a new perspective on some iconic lore, as well as an exploration of the hidden histories of this dark chapter for the Imperium.

Inside, you’ll find rules for new Legion units, an army list for Daemons of the Ruinstorm, campaigns set on Signus Prime and the events surrounding what occurred in the Chondax System. As well as looking at the Blood Angels and White Scars, this book will also include additional content for the Alpha Legion and Space Wolves.”

The Rumors

via B&C’s Charlo

I’d also expect preorders to go live on Friday now too….


  • Warmonger: under 50pts, Digital Lasers, Iron Halo – Grants himself and a unit Deep Strike
  • Mortificator: under 30pts, Servo-Arm, Corpsulent Stave (Haywire melee attacks  S:U+1 AP4) – you need to take a unit of 2-5 Legion/ Contemptor/ Cortus Dreads that this guy joins and is fearless while with them. Attacks always target the dreads. All the dreads may shoot at a different target. If one runs they all must. If two or more dreads target a single model in CC their attacks gain Shred & Sunder. Legiones Astartes rules do not confer. GLANCING & PENETRATING HITS ARE IGNORED ON A 5+ (not counted as a save).
  • Arrmistos: under 25pts, Hardened Armour, Auguary Scanner, MC Heavy-Bolter OR Volkite Culverin – Stubborn. Support Officer. One unit equipped with the same heavy weapon as him gains Master-Crafted on the weapons.
  • Primus Nullificator: under 50pts, Cataphractii armour, Aether-Shock Maul (S+2, AP4, Deflagurate), Hexagrammic Wards (re-roll invuln saves caused by Daemons) – Adamantium Will, Can be Mastery Level 1 but must generate from Sanctic, removes the 0-1 restriction on Nullificators and moves to non-compulsory troops.
  • Esoterist: under 20pts, may take force weapon. If no Terminator armour, may take psyk out grenades or archeotech pistol – Support Officer. Can take up to Mastery Level 2 but must generate from Malefic or Sanctic.


  • Legion Nullificators: Cataphractii, Aether Shock Maul, Combi-Bolters, Hexagrammic Wards. Can take fists instead. Sergeant has WS5 and 3A. Also any model can take a “Toxiferrum Flamer” yet I haven’t been told the rules for this yet.

I’ve seen a single Psykana and….

DIVINING BLADE – upgrade to a Paragon Blade for +30pts.

S+2, AP1 Melee, Two-Handed, Instant Death, Master-Crafted, Psy-Lash (if a wound is caused against a daemon, psyker, brotherhood of psykers or psychic pilot, one random model in the unit suffers a perils).

Fluff is excellent too, basically only a few in existence and Horus seemingly has them all – each gifted to a warrior of upmost importance.


via Thomas P. (Facebook)

Legiones Astartes: Blood Angels – None
Blood Angels Legion-specific wargear – Deathfire on Blade of Perdition clarified – Assault cannons now cost +10 more points to put on vehicles – Assault cannon has special notes about what happens in the case of replacing twin-linked weapons; the replacement is a single weapon – Swapping a Predator Cannon for an Assault Cannon is now +5 points more expensive
RoW: Day of Revelations – Added Subteranean Assault units to those not allowed and tweaked some wording
RoW: Day of Sorrows – Sweeping Advance clause in Bloody-handed removed
Chapter Master Raldoron – None
Legiones Astartes: White Scars – Swift Action no longer triggers buff after moving in the Assault phase, rule only triggers after movement phase (not, this like it always has, still gives the buff in the shooting phase, Pete) – Swift action also no longer gives you a cover save – To Laugh in Death’s Face re-worded to prevent you taking more Heavy Support than Fast Attack
White Scars Legion-specific wargear – New toy for Independent Characters! The Shamshir Jetbike! Basically a Scimitar with a different gun called the Scatterbolt Launcher. – Power Glaive increased by +10 points
RoW: Chogorian Brotherhood – Heavy Support even more restricted, to a max of one! – Addition downside of bonus VP’s for the enemy if they kill all your bikes/jetbikes – Oddly, not been updated to include the Shamshir Jetbike for the character.
RoW: The Sagyar Mazan – None
Qin Xa – None
Daemonology (Psychic Powers) Pages 254-255 list an updated set of rules for Malefic Daemonology psychic powers, which should be used instead of the AoD rulebook ones. Here’s an outline of the changes. Summoning – Replaces ‘Lesser Daemons’ with ‘Ruinstorm Lesser Daemons’ Cursed Earth – No change Dark Flame – No change Infernal Gaze – No change Sacrifice – Replaces ‘Daemonic Herald’ with ‘Ruinstorm Daemon Chosen’
~Have at it Heresy fans. It has been a very long time since we’ve heard from the 30K side of things.


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