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The Scorpion Gang – Dark Eldar Army PS I Hope You Have a Nice Day Mr Oz

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Mar 10

GMM Studios is back with another finished army project–this time it’s desert raider themed Dark Eldar done up scorpion style. Come check out the fully painted army and the custom display from GMM Studios!

Hello BoLS readers!  I’m posting, so you know what that means – another finished project! This time a Dark Eldararmy with a desert theme.
For the army the client and I had a good long back and forth on specifics and taste.  Starting with two different schemes and a writeup on each of what I thought optimal, and then taking one and running with it.  Essentially the idea was Dark Eldar with a Desert theme, balancing those two to get a worn desert raider look with the color and contrast often found in Dark Eldar armies.  A little bit of Tatooine flavor and the Star Wars “used future” aesthetic draped over a core contrasting and vibrant Dark Eldar color scheme, with colors chosen to fit a desert raiding party.  A group that in background might never leave the planet, living on their skiffs, fighting in between other groups and pillaging shipwrecks and anyone who crash lands or attempts to colonize the planet.
A lot of fun both in execution and result.  It was a treat working back and forth with the client tweaking ideas between the theme itself, color theory, and his own personal taste.  In the end a result I am quite proud of, a good balance of color in variety, contrast and theme.  I certainly love set palette armies, but it is a fun and different beast doing such a mixed color contingent, both in the challenge of balancing each unit and each one also feeling new as I go through the roster.
Hope you enjoy, and thank you so very much for stopping to have a look! Next up will be the charity army for the Adepticon Raffle.  See you then.









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