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Vigilus Ablaze: Orders of Battle and a Slaanesh Tease

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Mar 24 2019

Vigilus Ablaze is here. Let’s take a look at the massive forces involved and an interesting appearance by an old Slaaneshi friend.

Vigilus Ablaze

At long last the Despoiler has stepped foot on Vigilus. He most certainly didn’t arrive alone. Today we look at all the forces arrayed across GW’s most detailed narrative setting in years. Vigilus represents 400 pages of lore and rules in total – the perfect setting for your local group of gamers to dive into, and start building new armies for. It’s got something for almost everybody (except you Tau, Necrons, and Tyranids).

Orders of Battle

Last time we saw all the xenos forces besieging Vigilus. Now’s let’s see what Abaddon has brought to bring the world to its knees.

Hmmm, “Hereticus Militarum”. Why do I think that is a harbinger of things to come?

Interesting to note both the existence of the Banelord Titan (nice EPIC callback), and the difference between the Infernus-class God Machines and the Traitor Legio Titanicus in the previous picture.  Maybe the Internus-class titans are possessed and technically daemons? Also nice to see that one Greater Brass Scorpion out there kicking butt onworld.

Note the 6 Imperial Assassins. Something tells me those 6 did more to affect the war than some of those other regiments or Marine companies.

Look who’s Back


If you ever wanted to know what the Drukhari are afraid of – it’s a Keeper of Secrets.   No getting your soul back or paying for a new Haemonculus clone if one of those kills you. Also…she has a spear?

~ I have a feeling the Keeper of Secrets multiple appearances in Vigilus 2 means something…

Author: Larry Vela
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