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40K/Age of Sigmar Rumors: The Next 6 Months

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Apr 17 2019

There’s a lot of release scuttlebutt out there both from GW and the rumormill – let’s put it all together.

Today we put together a lot of pieces of the puzzle from both GW official announcements and what the rumormill and common sense says is coming in the next 6 months.

Age of Sigmar:

Sylvaneth vs Gitz Box GW teased this briefly at Adepticon.  

Hedonites of SlaaneshKicking off the year of Slaanesh GW

Keeper of Secrets/MasqueAbout time, and they will be accompanied by more followers of the Dark Prince. GW

Slaves to DarknessThe last unfinished faction from Malign Portents, and we already have teases of their Darkoath range via Warhammer Underworlds.

WarcryKillteam for Age of Sigmar, look for it sooner than later. GW will want to replicate the Killteam magic of last year in the Mortal Realms. GW

Hidden PowerRevealed at Adepticon, and looks like it contains more Endless Spells. GW

A Death BattletomeGW promised one this year at LVO. The other three Grand Alliances have all received on so far. GW



Sister of BattleI would expect these later in the year, not sooner. GW

ApocalypseTeased at Adepticon. GW

Space MarinesCertainly coming with the new Shadowspear kits, and another round of Primaris releases.

Chaos DaemonsA quick release to include the many updated daemons models and rules we have seen lately.

Emperor’s ChildrenIt’s happening, and probably the big release of the year, alongside Sisters of Battle. Exactly when is anyone’s guess.

“The Lion” Boxed SetDark Angels vs someone… 

Specialist Games

Blackstone Fortress Traitor CommandAnnounced at Adepticon. GW


Adeptus TitanicusMore Knights & the Warbringer titan.


~This is shaping up to be quite the year. What are you most anticipating?

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