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40K: Battle Sister Bulletin – Seraphim First Look

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Apr 01

Games Workshop shows off the new look of the Sisters of Battle Seraphim!

It’s been a while since we got a Battle Sister Bulletin but now we know what GW’s been working on. Say hello to the new high-flying, pistol-packing, holy warrior that is the new Seraphim:

via Warhammer Community

One of the most enduring images of the Adepta Sororitas is that of their winged Seraphim swooping into battle, bolt pistols blazing. The Seraphim have always been portrayed as angelic, holy warriors, and the new miniature captures one such Battle Sister perfectly…


We’re digging the new design of the these models. You can see the influence of the Sister’s Geminae Superia for sure. In fact, they have similar “hollow wings that serve as exhaust vents…” much like the Geminae Superia. The main difference is they only have 4 where the Geminae Superia have 5 “wing” vents.

It’s going to be cool to see the rest of the Seraphim Squad options. It’s already a very far cry from their previous incarnation:


I’m also curious to see how GW manages to attach them to their base – are we going to see more ribbon/paper seals? Or are we going to see them use the more modern flight stands like Inceptors:

As long as they don’t look like they are standing on a forest of tooth-picks – I’m sure it will better than that!

Games Workshop seems to really be taking this army roll-out slowly. They said this army was very highly anticipated and wanted to make sure they got it right. They even released a Beta Codex in the Chapter Approved 2018 edition for folks to play and send feedback in – but that was months ago at this point. Here’s hoping they get it right!

What do you think of the latest tease for the Seraphim? Are you getting excited about the return of the Sisters of Battle?


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