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40K: Necromunda Gangs From Hollywood

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Apr 11 2019

Ever wanted to see Necromunda Gangs on the Big Screen? Well here’s the closest you’re going to get!

Welcome to another 40k Pop Khorne: The crossroads of the Grimdark and Pop Culture. Today we’re taking a look at some movies that best represent the Gangs of Necromunda – but from a more cinematic angle. While these might not be 1:1 replacements, we think they are pretty darn close! If you’re looking for something to inspire your next Necromunda gang, check these movies out.

House Escher – Switchblade Sisters

I haven’t seen this one so I’ve asked fellow BoLS Writer and all-around Geekery Guru, Mars, to fill us in on this kick-ass movie:

There’s a whole sub-genre of exploitative girl gang movies that started to appear in theaters during 1950s; when rock’n’roll and teenage girls were the scariest things out there. It started with tales about love struck teens in bad situations like in Teenage Doll (directed by Roger Corman in 1957); and moved into more dangerous territory in the 1960/70s with cult classics like Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill!, the Stray Cat Rock trilogy and Jack Hill’s Switchblade Sisters. It’s a favorite of Tarantino’s, and the tough girls it centers on directly influenced the creation of the Lizzies in The Warriors, among other ass kicking young women in cinema. It’s not a what I’d call a good movie, but it has earned its cult status and the story has a Shakespearian backbone. The Jezebels could definitely hang with the women of House Escher.

House Goliath – Mad Max 2: Road Warrior – The Marauders

If you’ve seen this movie then you know exactly what we’re talking about. The Marauders are the Biker/truck/buggy gang that is out there terrorizing the wastes. Led by Lord Humungus, these guys are big and beefy. If you took them off their bikes and put them in an industrial setting, you’d pretty much have House Goliath – right down to the Mohawks and nose rings. Never skip leg day.

House Delaque – Dark City

I mean, have you SEEN their new models. The Strangers might not be a gang in the traditional sense but the fact that they are able to mind control an entire city and can basically spy on the populous, they are kind of perfect. Sure, sure, the movie plot takes that to a whole new level but still – they nailed the look and that whole creepy spy master thing. They are House Delaque!


House Van Saar – Dune – Fremen

The Van Saar were super cool suits and have to take pills to handle the Radiation. In Dune, the Fremen were super cool suits so they can survive in the Desert. Plus they have blue eyes because of their exposure to Spice. But really, it’s cause Spice is radiation and one of the side effects is blue eyes. I may have made that last part up, but the point is BOTH were cool suits and have to deal with strange side effects thanks to their living arrangement. The Fremen are House Van Saar!

House Cawdor – Escape From New York – Crazies

A rag-tag band of scavengers who run the streets in random scraps of clothing? While the Cawdor Gang might have a more religous/zealot vibe, they make their way off the scraps of a society that doesn’t want or care for them. The Crazies in Escape From New York exemplify that. Trapped on the Prison Island, they are forced to fend for themselves as the discarded refuse of society. If you’re looking for a Grim and Gritty example of what House Cawdor could be look no further than The Crazies!

House Orlock – The Warriors


If you’ve seen The Warriors, then you’ve pretty much seen every gang on this list anyhow. But the actual gang of The Warriors we think best represents House Orlock. They’ve got the leather jackets and are basically just a bunch of dudes.  I was also leading toward The Jackals from the 1993 movie Beyond The Law, but since we already had one biker gang on the list, I opted for the more “every man” gang that is the Warriors.


If you’ve got more suggestions for movies with gangs that represent similiar gangs you might find in Necromunda, we’d love to see them! Drop them in the comments and help inspire someone else to model their gang after your suggestion!

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