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40K: New Slaanesh Datasheets Revealed

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Apr 23 2019

Games Workshop has just unleashed a ton of the new datasheet info for the upcoming Slaanesh models – check it out!

No time for chit-chat, let’s dive right into the new rules revealed for the Slaanesh forces coming to a tabletop near you.

via Warhammer Community

Keeper of Secrets

The big news here is that the Keeper of Secrets has a few updates on the profile – specifically the increase to 16 wounds. Its weapons are also deadlier than the previous incarnation.

If that’s not enough, the Keeper will also have some additional wargear options listed as:

  • living whip
  • sinistrous hand
  • ritual knife
  • shining aegis

We can guess what some of those options will be – but GW also showed off what the Sinistrous Hand would do in the game:



Shalaxi Helbane

Not only do we have a name (again) for this new Great Daemon Champion of Slaanesh, we also have a look at Shalaxi’s brutal new weapon – the Soulpiercer:

If Shalaxi has the same base strength as a Keeper of Secrets, get ready for strength 12 attacks coming your way! And if you’re a character, well, good luck. Each attack does 6 flat damage!

As scary as that is, this bad boy isn’t done yet. Good luck trying to hit it in close combat:


Mesmerising Aura, by the way, is what Greater Daemons of Slaanesh will come standard with. Have fun with a -1 to hit.

Syll’Esske, the Vengeful Allegiance

Oh man. This model is going to be a high-value target. First off, let’s look at that stat-line:

This combo Prince/Herald is more than a combo in name. Not only does it get to generate both the Locus and Prince of Slaanesh abilities (for a re-roll of 1s and a +1 strength aura), it’s also going to get to make 16 attacks. Yes. That’s not an error – 16 attacks!

Keep in mind, that’s 8 attacks from the Axe of Dominion and another 8 attacks from the Scourging Whip (or vice versa). The Whip also does D3 hits. If you happen to get max hits, that’s 24 hits with the whip. Have fun with that.

The Contorted Epitome

What the heck is this thing? Well, it’s apparently a Psychic Battery that is going to pummel your foes with two powers a turn. Plus it can Deny twice. And both of those are getting a +1 to all those tests to boot.


It’s also practically immune to Mortal Wounds.

What a jerk. And that’s not all. It’s got another ability that messes with your opponent’s ability to fall back:

And finally, we’re getting a peek at one of their new psychic powers, too – it just so happens to mess with your opponent’s leadership so it pairs nicely with Horrible Fascination.


Whew – that is some nasty stuff. This is just the tip of the Slaaneshi Iceberg as well. All of these units will have rules included with their construction instructions, too. We’ll be waiting to see if GW decides to put these in a codex eventually…



What’s your take on the Slaanesh Rules? Are you prepared for the Prince of Excess?

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