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40K: Top 5 Favorite M.I.A. Characters

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Apr 13 2019
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In the Grimdark, it’s easy for characters to slip into the cracks and fade away. Here’s our list of Characters who are gone but not forgotten!

Warhammer 40,000 has had lots of characters over the years and ones that used to have rules and/or models have been left on the cutting room floor. Today, we’re going through and looking at some of those scraps and showcasing a handful of characters that have gone Missing In Action – who we hope for a return one day! Let’s dive in:

Kheradruakh the Decapitator

When it comes to missing Characters the Dark Eldar, aka the Drukhari, might take the cake. The most glaring omission of Vect overshadows a few of the lesser know characters – like our favorite The Decapitator! Kheradruakh, as he is properly known, is the long-lost monarch of the Mandrakes. His name is literally translated as “He Who Hunts Heads.” I think he’d probably get along pretty great with Khorne.

Originally introduced in 3rd edition, he’s never once had a model. His lore and art were updated to be more in line with the current incarnation of the Mandrakes – however, he has a distinctive extra set of arms! I’d love to see this character return to the game.

Anghkor Prok

Who is this guy? Well, dear Reader, meet Anghkor Prok the legendary Kroot leader! He’s actually one of the reason the T’au and the Kroot are in cahoots. During the War of the Place of Union, Prok helped to convince the T’au to liberate the Kroot homeworld. This led the Kroot to offer their services to the Greater Good – for a steady paycheck of course. Introduced in the 6th edition codex, Prok not only had a model (which you can see above) he also had rules, too. He’s not just some generic Kroot Shaper/Leader – he’s a big deal among the Kroot.


Doomrider. He does cocaine. He’s also a Daemon Prince of Slaanesh and while he was technically beheaded by Captain Kor’sarro Khan he IS a Daemon Prince. And those guys never really die, right? Then again, his head apparently is still alive which might be why he can’t respawn in the warp…Maybe the Doomrider will come back as a headless-horseman type on a wicked new bike! How cool would that be?!

Vorth Mordrak


A tragic figure for the Grey Knights, Vorth Mordrak is a Grand Master of who is cursed by survival. He was the only survivor of the Fortress World of Mortain but his story doesn’t end there. After losing everyone else the guilt bothered him so much that he underwent Rituals of Purity – but he was found clean of corruption. However, these manifestations of guilt still bothered him almost daily.

After a teleporter accident on the world of Ralindri, Mordrak was separated from his fellow Grey Knights and found himself surrounded by Daemons. He would have fallen if not for the arrival of two “shining terminators” who seemed to vanish after the fighting. The appearance of these new “allies” would continue every time Mordrak would fight and it became clear who they were: his fallen Battle-brothers who were now given form by this own psychic might!

In game, Mordrak was able to manifest a squad of ghostly terminators. It was a cool thing that he did – but he never got a proper model. I’d really like to see him make his way back into the game and get his own unit of Ghostly protectors!

Makari the Grot

Makari the Grot isn’t technically M.I.A. – more accurately he’s Killed In Action. Makari used to be the Standard Bearer of none other than Ghazghukull Thraka! However, he was “accidentally” sat on by his master and unceremoniously fed to a Squig. While funny, it’s kind of a lame way to go. Personally, I’d like to see Makari come back in some form or fashion. Maybe his death haunts Ghaz and that manifests in some type of Psychic/WAAAGH!!! induced ghostly grot appearance. Nah. That would never happen in 40k…


More likely, the Squig that ate him gets indigestion and becomes a crazed killer. So crazy that it impresses Ghaz and that Squig becomes his personal pet. Now that seems a bit more fitting. Makari 2.0 – the Squig!


Well that’s our list of characters we’d like to see come back to the game – who would YOU like to see return?!

Author: Adam Harrison
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