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Age of Sigmar: Endless Spells Of The Fyreslayers

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Apr 9 2019

Today we’re taking a look at the new Endless Spells–er–Magmic Invocations for the Fyreslayers army in Age of Sigmar.

With a new Battletome coming out for pre-order this weekend, the Fyreslayers army is heating up. We’ve already seen how much the army is changing to reflect the new edition of the game, with some reasonably substantial buffs worked in. Now we’re going to dive in and take a look at how their Magmic Invocations work. See how you too can summon a massive lava-beast!

via Warhammer Community

Here’s a quick overview of Magmic Invocations. They aren’t cast; they’re invoked by your Fyreslayer priests. On a roll of 3+ you summon the Invocation, and it sticks around until it leaves via a random die roll. Now for the spells themselves.

Let’s start with the Runic Fyrewall because there’s nothing the Fyreslayers love more than ur-gold runes. Except for maybe axes. Either way, the Runic Fyrewall is excellent for keeping your units safe from prying eyes and encroaching hackers.

This is such a fantastic ability. Being able to screen off your opponent’s┬áline of sight while also giving your nearby Fyreslayers a defensive reroll? It’s a pretty handy way to control the battlefield. Summon it in, cordon off a vital objective, and watch your opponent wish they could dispel these like a normal spell.

There’s also the Zharrgron Flame-Spitter, which can help turn your games of Age of Sigmar into a tower defense game.


This burning geyser hurls explosive rocks as long as it has a Fyreslayer priest nearby. It’s not the most reliable method of killing units, but the devastation, especially against big hordes of units, is a good way to thin the ranks before you follow up with shooting or charging.

Finally, there’s the Molten Infernoth–a gargantuan lava-beast┬áthat crawls up out of the ground and roams around burning everything that isn’t a Fyreslayer.

What’s not to love? You summon a burning kaiju with this Invocation. Again, it’s not the most destructive, but it is entirely under your control. The Invocations are a little easier to use than some of the other endless spells as it won’t hurt your dudes (assuming you’re playing all Fyreslayers). If your enemy has a lot of units, this is a great way to impact multiple foes, especially if your enemy is clustered together. Put the hurt on multiple characters and watch them burn.

Well, that’s it for now, let us know in the comments what you think of the Magmic Invocations, and be sure and stay tuned to find out what the Magmic Battleforge can do for you!


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