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Age Of Sigmar: Next Week From GW – Battletome Fyreslayers

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Apr 7 2019

Fyreslayers are getting the Age of Sigmar 2.0 treatment next week, with a new battletome, set of Endless Spells, and the Doomseeker’s rerelease.

Do you want your dwarves to have twice the hair/beard/axes and half the clothes of a normal dwarf? Than Fyreslayers are the army for you. These nearly-nude warriors are tough, hungry for ur-gold, and getting an update to bring them in line with the other Age of Sigmar armies at last. Come see their new Battletome, Endless Spells, and get another chance at grabbing the Doomseeker!

via Warhammer Community

The new Fyreslayers battletome adds more tactical depth, thematic richness and pure fun to the army, bringing them into the post-Soul Wars realms in style

Inside, you’ll find updated warscrolls and sub-faction rules for the Fyreslayer lodges, along with sumptuous lore and art that brings the world of these blazing warrior-monks to life like never before. Stay tuned for some in-depth previews, looks at the lore and more throughout next week!

You’ll also get a new pack of Endless Spells. And because Khorne said that he didn’t have to use spells, neither do the Dwarves. These are definitely not Endless Spells, because the Fyreslayers would never use Wizards–they’re something different. Magmic Invocations, summoned by their priests.

The Fyreslayers are accompanied by a host of new Magmic Invocations – like endless spells but summoned by Zharrgrim Priests. Each has a devastating impact on the battlefield, whether you’re melting hordes with the Zharrghon Flame-spitter, shielding units with the Runic Fyrewall, or smashing enemy formations with the Molten Infernoth.


And it wouldn’t be an Age of Sigmar army these days if it didn’t have a special piece of terrain–so here’s the Magmic Battleforge:

We don’t know exactly what this will do yet, outside of “enhancing the power of your units considerably.” So we’ll have to wait and see what kind of bonus you get for being within its aura of effect. Next week is also another chance to grab the Doomseeker, as GW is making him available again:

With all these Fyreslayers, next weekend’s really starting to heat up.

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