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Age of Sigmar: Top 3 Mortal Blades of Khorne Battalions

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Apr 3 2019

Now that the new Blades of Khorne battletome has been out for a bit, here’s my top three picks for Mortal battalions designed to get the most bang for your skull taking buck.

New and old Chaos players have been trying out the new battalions. There are several updated warscrolls for both Mortals and Daemons, and players are spoiled for choice with what to take in their army.


A classic from the original battletome, Skulltake just got tougher with the updated warscrolls. This battalion consists of a Bloodstoker, 2-3 units of Skullreapers (arguably the most improved Mortal units in the new book), 1-2 Khorgorath units, and then up to two Blood Warriors or Blood Reavers in any combination. First off, the Bloodstoker is a great support piece, with a command ability that adds three to run and charge and allows re-rolls of ALL wounds to one mortal unit within 8”. This combos well with the Skulltake’s battalion bonus, which increases the damage of all units within 12” of the ‘stoker by 1 if the wound roll is a 6. Even if you succeed on your wound, if you’re feeling especially devious/confident, you can re-roll it to try and get a 6 and blast your opponent. Throw the Bloodstoker’s buff on one of your units of Skullreapers, who already get a charge boost from their banner and can deal out a nasty chunk of damage on their own, and watch your opponent weep as your angry red boys scythe through whole units of his army. Karl, a friend in my gaming community back in North Carolina, SWEARS by this battalion, and for good reason. It’s my favorite in the whole battletome, and definitely one of the most powerful.


Oh man…the flat damage you can do with this one. First off, it includes one of my favorite heroes in the book, the Skullgrinder (because nothing says War God like a ticked off blacksmith chaining a flaming anvil to his arm and winging it at his enemies). Also included are the other chain boys of the Khorne army, as it requires 2-4 units of Wrathmongers, who did unfortunately take a hit from the nerf bat, but are still a viable fighting force, especially since their +1 attack aura only affects Khorne units now. Rounding out the battalion is 1-3 units of Blood Warriors, a solid battleline unit that can be built for all out assault or a nice balance of attack and defense with their Gorefists. The best part though is the battalion ability, Feast of Wrath, which allows the Wrathmongers from the battalion to pile in and attack TWICE so long as they are within 8” of the Skullgrinder. Since he’s a frighteningly strong melee unit, there’s no reason not to run him up into combat next to your Wrathmongers to give them this bonus, and the Blood Warriors can focus on collecting objectives or screening the rear to prevent the chain gang from getting overwhelmed. All in all, a solid and well-rounded battalion, and a good one to build an army around since it can contain 3 battleline units.


Brass Stampede

Brass Stampede: When it absolutely, positively MUST be smashed today! This one is a little expensive and gimmicky but MAN is it fun. It consists of 3 to 7 units of Mighty Skullcrushers and can also include a Lord of Juggernaut. Now, these things are smash machines, it is their entire purpose. They smash so hard that they get to smash just for running into dudes, let alone what they’re going to do AFTER they get there. Both the Lord and the Crushers have an ability to lets them deal mortal wounds on a 2+ when they succeed on a charge, 1 PER MODEL for the Crushers and d3 for the Lord. With this battalion, the wounds happen automatically, removing the already exceedingly low chance that the wounds won’t connect and guaranteeing between 4 and 6 mortal wounds on the charge with a lord and minimum sized unit before combat even starts. Get multiple units in, and the wounds just rack up, and then they get to fight. Point this battalion at an enemy monster, and it will be replaced by a fine red mist.

Do you agree with this list? What are some of your favorite battalions from the new book? Let us know in the comments below!

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