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AoS: Battletome Fyreslayer Overview

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Apr 13 2019

The Fyreslayers have a new Battletome and are ready to light it up! Come see what’s new with the Followers of Grimnir.

As one of the early battletomes and one of the first armies to be re-imagined, the Fyreslayers helped to set the stage within Warhammer: Age of Sigmar. Now they have a new Battletome to bring them up to par (and beyond) with the updated ruleset:

 Hot Stuff

Overall, the Fyreslayers got some pretty big changes and improvements. While some of their classic abilities did get toned down, the rest of the army got some pretty big improvements. One of the biggest things was the increase in wounds for all the 1 wound models – they are all pretty much 2 wounds now! That’s kind of a big deal if you already had an army because your same force has probably just gotten double the wounds.

Another big change is the addition of the Lodges: Vostarg, Greyfyrd, Hermdar, and Lofnir. Each of these lodges unlocks different ways to play your Fyreslayers and introduces new lore for these stout fire-brands. If you want to run an army focused on Berzerkers, Vostarg might be your thing. Or if you want to run an army centered around Magmadroths check out Lofnir!

Along with these changes there are LOTS of smaller tweaks and updates, too. This book also includes updates to the Allegiance Abilities, battle traits, command traits, 4 sets of different artefacts of power, and the potent new Prayers and Magmic Invocations!

That’s right – the Fyreslayers are getting their own brand of “Not-Magic” and “Not Endless Spells” with Prayers and Magmic Invocations. Those Fyreslayer Priests are now going to be even more important in your lists!


Battletome: Fyreslayers is going up for Pre-order this weekend – so if you’re looking to blaze a new path in Age of Sigmar check them out.

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