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AoS: Unboxing The Magmic Battleforge

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Apr 13 2019

The Magmic Battleforge is here in our studio – come take a look at this great new Terrain Kit that will stoke a fire in your Fyreslayers!

Games Workshop has been adding fancy new army-specific terrain kits to the game. Not only do these kits look great but they add additional special rules for your army:

 Stoke The Forges

The Magmic Battleforge has a potent set of abilities. The main one will buff your priests by allowing them to get a bonus to their Prayer rolls. Prayers are the Fyreslayer equivalent of “not magic” they can use for their army. If Grimnir hears your prayers he will bestow gifts on you – if not, try again next turn!

But that’s not the only ability this forge has. Once per game, your can “overcharge” the Forge – this allows your entire army to re-roll armor saves of 1 for the turn! Use that on a turn when you know you’re going to get hit hard and help mitigate some of those losses. However, once you use that ability, the Forge has burned out and can no longer buff your Priests.

As far as the model goes, it’s neat! There are lots of details with the inlaid runes and stone-work of the forge. The “face” of the forge is impressive and is certainly a call out to Duardins of yore! Plus it’s got a Zardoz vibe.

Whoa – not that kind of vibe! This kind of vibe:


Maybe it’s the beard. Or the “Crazy Eyes” …or the open mouth. Or all of the above. Whatever – if the floating stone head was made of metal you’d be in the same ballpark.

The Forge is going up for Pre-order this weekend so if you want to add some terrain to your tabletop or if you want to buff your Fyreslayers, pick up this kit!


I spit hot fyre!


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