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GW Pre-Orders: Pricing & Links – Lord Discordant Now Available

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Apr 6 2019

Saddle-up with the new Lord Discordant for Chaos!

via Games Workshop

Vex Machinator, Arch-Lord Discordant $65

A Lord Discordant is a machine-obsessed heretic who scuttles across the battlefield atop a Helstalker mount, all the while exuding a palpable aura of anarchy. His mere presence short-circuits machinery not already riddled with daemonic entities – actuators and servos whir erratically, and targeting augurs simply cease to function. The Lord Discordant siphons off the pained spirit of dying vehicles, using the harvested energy to reinvigorate other Daemon Engines or releasing it as a screaming beam to infect the systems of other enemy vehicles. The most famous among the Lords Discordant, Vex Machinator, brought anarchy to the hivesprawls of Vigilus during the War of Nightmares.

Vex Machinator, Arch-Lord Discordant is a multipart plastic kit and serves as an HQ choice in a Chaos Space Marines army. The Helstalker mount can be equipped with a variety of destructive weaponry, and together they are the bane of enemy vehicles.

The Lord Discordant bears an enormous impaler glaive and his mechatendrils can lash out at his foes. His scuttling Daemon Engine steed can be equipped with a baleflamer or autocannon, as well as a choice of magma cutter or techno-virus injector.

The miniature is comprised of 63 plastic components, and comes supplied with a Citadel 120mmx92mm Oval Base.


Arch-Lord Discordant’s Spearhead Detachment $341

The Lord Discordant is the ideal HQ choice for Chaos players who love Daemon Engines, capable of restoring their lost wounds and enhancing their already ferocious fighting abilities. This bundle allows you to use the Lord Discordant’s abilities to the max, pairing him with an infernal host of other Daemon Engines with a huge variety of skills. Collectively, you’ll be able to pelt enemies with a hail of infernal firepower, before closing in for a crushing melee. Fitting neatly into a Spearhead Detachment, this bundle is a great addition to any Chaos collection.

This bundle contains:

1x Vex Machinator, Arch-Lord Discordant
1x Heldrake
1x Maulerfiend
1x Defiler
1x Forgefiend


Well buckle-up Vex… It’s time to go riding!


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